Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration

First of all: sorry that this post didn't went up on the same time as the dutch one.

Curious how things are going with the househunt? So far, it looks promising, but nothing that really catched and kept our interest. Until we find our place to call home, I'll just roam some more on Pinterest. Today I'll show you the inspiration for my living room. There is lots more, but this is a good start:
An original idea to decorate your tv-area. You don't need a TV-cabinet; this is waaaay cuter!
Problems with a small wallarea? Is it a lost space? No problem, take the image above and you'll have a classy space in no-time. The color combination is also something I adore.
Another something to decorate with: stones painted with blackboard paint.

This inspiration picture has 3 inspirations hidden. First up are the colors. Just lovely! But I also love the way the pictures are displayed. You don't need to nail dozens of nails in your wall and you can alter the way how you display your pictures in a snap. Third are those white shelves. I just adore them! i hope I can find something similar to put in our living room.

When you don't have a lot of room, but you want to incorporate different area's, you could decorate in a different way. Just look at the picture above: you get extra storage space and two different 'rooms'. You don't have to use a high one like this, something half it's size would do the trick as well! Oh, and here's another idea: if the back of your sofa isn't directed to the wall, you can put the cabinet/bookcase/... at the backside of your sofa. Extra storage space without loosing too much room.
Another great idea is pictured above: before you hang any (picture) frames, just cut the shape out in paper and hang them in the desired order. A plus with this technique: you can immediatly see where you have to put the nail to hang everything at the right distance. 

Ok, I know this isn't a living room but a bedroom. but the colors used in this room are devine! Light, airy and cozy: that's what I want for my living room!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Oh, I'm thrilled to announce somthing wonderful! My Other Half and I are looking for an appartment so we can live together. We've been together for 5 years and thought it was about time that we took this step. It's something we both look forward to. Besides the actual 'house' hunting, there are other things to think about. There is the financial part - wich is a very important part ofcourse - but when you've finally find the appartment you want, you can start decorating. It's that last thing - decorating - that occupied my mind these last couple of weeks. I've been roaming around the internet and Pinterest, looking for inspiration, tips and ideas for furniture, even though we won't be buying any furniture untill we have an appartment. There are so many fabulous and cute ideas on how to decorate your home. Pinterest really is addictive. The hours and hours I've spent on that site are uncountable by now. The following few days/weeks I'll post my favorite pins with inspiration, useful tips, ... I bet there's something that'll inspire you to (re)decorate your home!

Today I'll start with my colorinspiration. If you ask me, this is the most difficult one: wich colors to choose through-out your home. And that's because most of the time, you use the furniture you already have to guide you on the style and colorscheme. Alas, we don't have any furniture left, so I had to come up with something from scratch. I know what I like, what I want and what I need, but putting these three things together in a home that isn't overwhelming, is a much more difficult that I originally anticipated. Perhaps the fact that we don't really have a space to decorate yet, has also something to do with this. So, back to the furniture: if you know what kind you want, you can use it as your colorbase. While searching I figured out that I liked the furniture that isn't really dark brown, but not beige either. Something in between like this Ikea-closet. I took that color as my base and thought about different colors that would suit this kind of brown. I don't want our home to be all different kinds of brown, so I looked at some other, brighter colors. I knew I wanted red pillows and some other red accents. With that in mind, I've found these:

Beautiful pastel colors. Perhalps something for our living room area. There are more color inspirations to be found on this site!
Doors can go a loooong way with just a little bit of paint. Just look at the difference in the before and after photo's. Put in a little contrast and you instantly have a whole other vibe for the same space, without too much effort or something pricey.

This is just a marvelous app I downloaded after reading this. You can't decorate your very own room, but you can see if the colors you want are 'mixable'.
Again: contrast adds flair to your room: dark walls with light furniture.
Even painting a staircase can transfer your whole room. And put a little trim with it and voilĂ : instant classy stairs.
All of these colors are adorable and pastel: ideal for any space.

Oh and you should definatly check this pin: It's a little too big to put in this post, but what an inspiration source! It'll tell you what the style is you like and what you have to look out for.

There are lots and lots more, but these have inspired me the most. Oh, and that last pin with the towels: you'll see it again in the series. Such an original idea and just look at the color of the towels! Adorable!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Maternity visit

Things have been really busy around here, but I still managed to put something together for my niece's beautiful little baby girl!
The pattern for the Bapron.
I already showed you how to knit a pea.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Even more patterns

It seems I just can't help myself: I keep buying patterns I like to sew, even though if I would make 1 pattern each month, I would be sewing for the nest 3,5 years, without these latest patterns. But just look at them, too beautiful to let go! They were $0,99 a piece. I ordered them back in september. The first 4 arrived in november and the day before yesterday I recieved another 3. So the last one is still on his way from the US to my destination. Still, I could wait to show you!
They're not all clothing patterns. Since my other half and I are planning to live together in the near future, I thought Butterick 3877 would be a great addition to my collection. Oh, and ever since Gertie talked about her corset, I decided to make my own corset in my own good time. So, I went ahead and bought a 'simple' pattern to get familiar with all the techniques.
Butterick 3877
Butterick 5425

Butterick 5520
Butterick 5682

Butterick 5813
Butterick 5814

Butterick 5824

Simplicity 9769

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Pea

It won't be long and we'll be having a little addition to our family. My niece is pregnant and she's due this weekend. Ofcourse I've been busy making presents for the little one. One of them is a stuffed 'animal'. Well, it's not really an animal: it's a pea. Why? Simply because from the beginning the little tyke has been nicknamed 'the Pea'. So I thought it was perfect to never let him/her forget that!
Promptly I decided to look for a pattern and make my stuffed pea. Perhaps it sounds weird, but there aren't a lot of patterns or tutorials - in Dutch - to knit a ball. Luckily I came across this tutorial from KreaDoeUtrecht. My God! It was a mess! 5 needles - wich are 3 too much, if you ask me, to knit comfortably - needles that suddenly leave their place so you have be quick and secure the stitches so you don't lose them, ... Eventually, everything turned out just fine, even though I had a difficult start (and for that matter: a diffifult finish). If you already have a bit of knitting experience, than you should definatly try this one. It let's you get used to knitting with double pointed needles. Perhaps you can even make your very own Christmas balls! :-)

The finished product isn't too bad, don't you agree? Perhaps it looks a bit more like a regular ball than a pea, but I couldn't make a small pea, could I? After all, it's for a baby and it has to be big enough so he/she can't choke on it! So I'll make a 'Pea'-label for it, or something along those lines

I used Schachenmayr SMC Catania's green colored yarn - colorcode 0192. I used a size 2.5 (2 US) double pointed needles. If you want to follow the tutorial, you can find it below. I have to warn you: this is in Dutch without English subtitles. I'm sure if you google it or look around on YouTube, you'll be able to find something simular in English.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

V8333: a few links

Like I told you a few times in these last couple of months, I had some trouble with the Vogue-pattern V8333. Because I'm just plain me, I'm determined to sew that pattern sometime. When that time will be, I don't know yet. But when it does, I came across a couple of links that I think'll help me along with the sewing.

It's not a boatload of links or information, but non the less useful! Who knows, perhaps these links van even help you along the way. All the links are from Poppykettle : every one of them with a clear piece of explenation about what she thought of the pattern.

The Finished Jacket: Poppykettle talks about what she thought of the intructions, the different steps and the overall fit and details. Something to read and consider if you want to make this pattern!

For the finishing of the buttonholes she wrote an article with some instructions. She isn't talking about the exact technique, but it still holds a lot of good information to enrich your sewing vocabularly and know-how on handsewn items/details.

Curious at how the inside of the jacket looks like and how you have to sew it correctly? Poppykettle shows you how.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Alma Blouse²

Jep, I made another Alma Blouse in November. It's a wonderful pattern and it goes with the rest of my wardrobe. Since I was craving a few extra tops that are wearable underneath a sweater (unlike my other blouses), I fabricated another. Or should i say others? Because the third one is already waiting to be sewed! But enough talk: just look at these pictures! Gorgeous, isn't it?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Challenge: The Alma Blouse

Last week I spoke about me getting selected to test the Cordova Pattern from Sewaholic. Today i've got another pattern from Sewaholic to show you. Not one I tested, but still one I am in love with! Especially the Peter Pan-collar and the fitting attract me to this pattern. To be honest, I didn't even have to make a lot of changes to this pattern, but I'll talk about that in a minute.
Originally I bought a pattern from Megan Nielsen Patterns. A pattern I fell in love with the moment I saw it. It looked really nice, untill the first time I actually sewed it. It wasn't as streamlined as the pattern envelope wants you to believe. But i thought that wasn't a real problem: I'd just adjust it and that would be it. Wrong. The main mistake with this pattern were the sleeves. There simply wasn't a front, nor a back! So I discarded the pattern and my Saviour and I started making m own pattern.
As soon as I saw Sewaholic's pattern, my troubles were over. I didn't hesitate a moment and bought the pattern. Tasia didn't disappoint me! The only adjustments I needed to do were to slim down the buste and waist. If I wanted to, I could've took the area around the hips in a bit, but I liked the way it looked like this. You couldn't see my belly bacause it wasn't to tight or too fitted. Oh, and I also adjusted the sleeves: the original ones are elbowlength, but I thought this would't be useful when wearing a sweater on top.

The Alma Blouse'll be adjusted so it'll look a bit more like Megan Nielsen's Banksia: that buttonrow in combination with the Peter Pan-collar looks adorable, if you ask me!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Clever links: November 28, 2012

The holidays are right around the corner, so there's no time to lose to share a couple of links with ideas for the holidays!

The Peter Pan-collar is the accessory for this season. I bet you've got a mother, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, ... who'ld like to have tops and blouses with this collar, but don't want to spent all that money on a new one. It's nog because the 'old' ones aren't fashionable anymore, that you can't make them fashionable! Or perhaps you just adore the Peter Pan-collar and want to wear a different one every day. Then I've got good news for you: this tutorial from Grosgrain is so simple and fun that you'll sew a whole wardrobe of collars in no-time!

Or what about leather straps for your shoes? Give your boots an instant-beauty treatment with the tutorial from Cotton & Curls. Oh, and you don't have to make them just for shoes. Handbags or suitcases would work as well! Just let your imagination run free! (Perhaps you could even attach them to your jacket!)
Peter Pan-collar
Leather straps

The holidays aren't only about gifts. Food is also a big part of it. Appetizers, different courses, desserts, ... Every family no doubt has his traditions for the holidays. Not that long ago, I came across a recipe to make cookies from war-times long gone. Cookies that are supposed to be healthier than the plain original cookies. Perhaps these'll make a nice addition to your holiday-table! Curious? Check Tuppance Ha'Penny's recipe.

Last but not least I've got another tutorial from Grosgrain lined up for you: how to alter an ordinary bra to a low back bra within 5 minutes. Perfect for your holidaydress!
Cookie recipe
Low Cut Back

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sewing Machine

YES!!!! Finally I've got my very own sewing machine! After sewing on my mother's sewing machine for the last two years, I decided it was about time that I purchased my own. This is something that I've wanted for a long time, but I just didn't think I had the right motivation to buy one: too expensive, I still live at home and I could use my mother's. But something changed: My other half and I are planning to move in together, so I thought it was time to have my own sewing machine!

No more arguiing with the machine (it always works when my mother's sewing, but never when I take over. Then it desides that it has had enough off those nice stitchinglines and wants to do something totally different!), just a sewing machine that's mine and no one else's. And you know the most important thing? This sewing machine listens to me! After our first awkward meeting, we get along quite nicely. I even managed to sew a top, i just need to add the sleeves and turn the seam allowence under. And I still have to show you that other top I made a week or so ago!

Oooh, and I've got all this inspiration to sew! Not that it wasn't there before, on the contrary. But the finishing touches weren't always as good, so sometimes I didn't really feel like creating something, despite all my ideas. I've got a feeling that won't be a problem with this sewing machine! There are already a dress, gifts for someone who's about to be born, another top and a sweater on my list to sew next. I'm also playing with the thought of sewing my very first real vintage pattern. But how that all turns out, you'll just have to wait and read. :)

The Cordova Pattern

Do you remember this post? I'm finally allowed to blog about 'my' secret! It's been hard not to tell you guys, but I managed not mentioning anything in the last few posts even though I'm super-excited about this one! So without further adieu:

In october I got the chance to do something marvelous and new (to me): Pattern Testing for this nice lady! She's made numerous patterns (9 this year!) in the short time her patternbussiness excists and I've been craving to be one of her pattern testers. No doubt you know her, because I've blogged about it on occasion (just look here).

Pattern testing was a new experience for me. I was honored and flattered to get selected for the testing: I've never sewn a jacket before, nor do I think of myself as a very experienced seamstress. So, with a lot of courage and a bit of nerves, I started sewing. ANd i have to admit: The Cordova Pattern doesn't dissappoint!

It's simple, beautiful and easy to sew if you've never sewn a jacket before. Although I have to admit that at some point, I was at a loss. I couldn't figure out what to do even with the illustrations and the text. But that's why it's called pattern testing, isn't it? So the designer knows what could be better and where she might have to make some changes in her illustrations or explanations. The problem was purely a translating problem: The sewing terms in English aren't the same as the ones in Dutch. Mostly, this isn't a problem for me, because I'm used to sewing with English sewingterms. But if you come across a term you've never heard of before and try to make the best of it with the illustrations, sometimes it just doesn't work out. As was the case with this one. Luckily, I was able to detect my fault and correct it. Eventually everything ended up as it should've.

At first, I just wanted to sew the version without the double peplum. But while I was sewing my muslin, I decided that I wanted to make the double peplum. It was just too cute to resist! Oh, and I didn't have to alter anything about the pattern. It is a bit wide overall, but it's a jacket, so it has to be wider. I did started sewing a size 10 instead of a size 12. If I based it on my measurements, I should've gone for size 12, but after looking at the finished measurements I decided that size 10 would be more then enough. I can still fit into it while wearing a nice, warm sweater.

Since I've sewn this jacket, I wore it several times untill the weather got to cold over here. But sundaynight I couldn't resist showing off at a family party and just had to wear it! I figured that I wasn't going to spend a lot of time outside (just the walk from the car to the front door and back), so this would be sufficient enough with a nice scarf. And boy, am I glad I did! I got a lot of compliments from the people who saw my jacket! Do you want to make one yourself? Just hop on over to Sewaholic!

PS: This is my garment for the Challenge of October. I wasn't able to blog about it earlier because of all the discretion. :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

It's that time of year again!

Summer's over and autumn really hit the country. The tide is high to get those thick sweaters and camisole out of their box, because those summer sweaters just don't cut it anymore. That's why I decided to knit a few knew sweaters. Well, not really sweaters, but cardigans. So, aside from my busy sewing-scedule, I've got these cardigans lined up:

For starters, there is this beautiful cardigan. Even though I'm not used to english knitting patterns - in contrast to my sewing patterns, I think it won't be to hard for me. This isn't a real basic pattern, but it definatly isn't too hard either: perfect for a advanced beginner like me. :)

This striped cardigan is definatly worth a look. Another simple pattern, but with the changing of the yarn-color you get an interesting addition to your wardrobe without too much effort. If you look at the workdescription, you'll see it isn't hard, but you'll have to count your stitches.

At the moment, I'm knitting this simple cardigan. No special stitches, no cables, no altering colors. Just a cardigan in it's purest way. Perfect to get reaquainted with your knitting skills after you've - like myself - put them away for the last 3 seasons.

The cardigan I plan to knit afterwards, is the Antonia cardigan. A fun, flattering pattern with interesting details wich aren't too hard to knit. I've got the perfect yarn for it, it's been laying in my closet for over a year now! I'ts about time I get around to using it, don't you agree?

The last pattern I plan to knit is the Alska-pattern. You can easily upholster it with an accessory like a bow, something to iron-on (or even sew-on) or something else. Ideal for whatever you want your cardigan to look like!

That's it for knitting patterns! I don't think I'll be able to knit anything else, except perhaps a few baby socks. Oh, and this week I've got pictures of my latest project from Sewaholic Patterns. Beside that, there'll also be a sneakpeak - or perhaps even a finished project - of what I've been upto lately, it depends on how fast I am. :)

striped cardigan
simple cardigan