Friday, March 30, 2012

Clever links: march 30, 2012

Lately I've been looking around the www. Vintage really is my kind of style and even though I already have some vintage-inspired dresses, I still don't own a crinoline. I like the 50s, but I'm not that crazy about those really full crinolines. I always think they add more pounds to my body. When I came across this tutorial on Gertie's blog, I thought that I could finally take the next step! This crinoline gives you a little bit of volume instead of a whole bunch. For people (like me) who are not as tall as most women, it's a really good thing to be able to use a crinoline without the extra 'weight'. Or at least, that's what I hope it will be like. In a short time, I'll be trying this one out!

The second link I want to share with you, is the one from What I Wore. Trench Coats are good in every season, but especially in spring and autumn. The downside however is that they usually only have one color. The ones with contrasting lines are most of the time just too expensive to justify the purchase. This tutorial from this lady makes it a lot easier to make your very own! It's not difficult, but it is timeconsuming. It's probably best to do this in front of your tv or something.
Have some old t-shirts lying around? Then check out this tutorial!Give your old long-sleeved tee a new life as a trendy t-shirt with cute sleeves! Or else buy a cheap one and upholster it! There are more than enough options without spilling any of it!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm trying to lose that bit of weight I gained during the winter. Just to look my best when summer comes: beaches, bikini's, dresses, shorts, ... The downside of it is that I recently purchased some new jeans. I hate buying something and within a few months not being able to wear it. Since I'm not a Wiz in altering jeans, except for the length, I was thrilled when I saw that Grosgrain has made a tutorial about altering jeans!

And now: I saved the best for last! Buttonholes are a nightmare! Or at least, they were until yesterday! Until then I always used 4 steps to create mine: small stitch up and down, long stitch, small stitch up and down, long stitch. It was a real pain in the ass! No matter how hard I tried, I never got it right! I ruined several blouses at the very end of the process because I just couldn't get those buttonholes right. Sooooooooo frustrating! I'm a selftaught seamstress and sometimes I really hate that, because you miss so many little things! Luckily, I ran into this fabulous tutorial from Grosgrain. It was a real eye-opener! Untill yesterday I didn't even know that my sewing machine had this little 'peddle' you can pull down. I've been sewing for about 2 years now, and never realised that peddle was just sitting there! From now on, those buttonholes won't be a problem anymore! No more failed projects because of them! Just like heaven!



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