Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Looking for a dress 1

Spring is coming! Even though it's not always noticeable (yet), now is the opportune moment to make those stunning spring dresses! When I hear spring (and summer too, for that matter) sunny weather, hot temperatures, ... come directly to mind. With hot temperatures come those beautiful, comfy swing dresses! One more reason to roam the internet in search of new stunning patterns.

Last spring, I came across this great sew-along for this Sense and Sensibility Swing dress. Back then, I came across some really useful tips Casey wrote down. You don't even need to own the pattern. There are so many great tips in het Sew-Along that you can apply it for all your dresses!

Step 1: Supplies
Step 2: Fabric
Step 3: Prepping the muslin
Step 4: A little deviation
Step 5: Sewing the shoulder yoke
Step 6: Muslins and pockets
Step 7: Finalizing your pattern
Step 8: Seams finishes and underlining
Step 9: The midriff
Step 10: Pockets and a skirt too
Step 11: Not so scary sleeves
Step 12: Side seam zipper 40's style
Step 13: the hem: the finish line

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