Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Every month a garment

Recently I came across this idea (in dutch). Because I liked the concept of making one garment every month, I decided that I would begin my own challenge. Not for anyone else to enter, but a challenge to myself. A challenge to make one of these patterns into a dress, skirt, blouse, ... until I have made them all! It's just that I have a lot of patterns just lying around the house without ever being made/finished. Though this was not the first time I saw something like that, I did think about it seriously for the first time. I never wanted to compete with others (just not into competing stuff) and today I thought: Hey! I don't have to enter the challenge to make a garment a month! I just make one and post about it on the blog!

So, now I challenge myself to make one piece of clothing every month, starting this month - april! Probably I'll be at it for at least a year (I hope) because I do have a lot of patterns to start (or even finish!). And with the good weather of last week, there are definitly dresses on the program! Even a short here and there. For starters, I'm making this dress from Vogue. Mostly because a good friend of mine is getting married in August and I plan to wear it. And who knows, perhaps I'll even make the strapless version :-)

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