Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finished Project: My Other Half

This week I planned to finish two different projects. Unfortunatly, I finished only one. The other one is a bit... well, big, so it needs a little more attention than expected. My other project went together like it was nothing.

Perhaps, that's because it was nothing! My Other Half asked me if I could insert two pockets inside his vest. The only problem: it was at the back af the pockets outside the vest. Because of those pockets, I couldn't use my sewingmachine, unless I wanted to ruin those pockets. But that wasn't an option, so I went for the only one left: handstitching. You must know, I'm not a big fan of handstitching. Sew on a button? No prob. But sew on a whole pocket? Yaykes! Talking about buckling knees! I've never sewn something as large as a pocket on by hand. But, my OH asked it and I wasn't about to let some handstitching get over me!

I cut the pockets I inserted from an old vest, so that didn't take me long. Made my work that much easier (as if this was a hard project :P). Now, as for the handstitching, I came across a website with numerous handstitching-stitches a while ago. I don't recall wich one: it never crossed my mind back then to write it down. So all I can say to you is this: make a stitch, go back half a stitch, stitch a full stitch, go back half a stitch, and so on and so forth. It wouldn't suprise me if you looked funny and that 'wtf'? Sorry I can't be more helpful, but that how it sounded in my head as I was sewing (and watching TV)

Oh, by the way, I made this really yummy birthdaycake today, but I didn't had the chance to photograph it: it got eaten before you could blink with your eyes :P

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