Thursday, May 24, 2012

Clever Links: May 24, 2012

Just look at that window: summer's finally here! Warm and sunny days, dresses to wear, trips to make, ... I souldn't be sitting behind a desk and working. Not with this weather. But hey, you've got to make some money if you want to go on a trip! So that's how I end up in a really hot office (no airco) on a beautiful day like today. A day that calls for some summery DIY!

For starters, I've got this link for you. I know it's a bridal site, but still. Don't you think the polaroidwall-idea would be ideal with this kind of weather for a party? You could use it for an anniversary, marriage-jubilee, ... some milestones in your history! Instead of an guestbook, you could offer those cards to your guest while they take a  picture of themselves. That way you'll have something to remember your party the way your guest remember them: fun, thrilled, happy, ...

Like I said before: Summer is finally here! That means dresses, skirts, tops and those cute sandals! But we're still missing something here, aren't we? Excactly, we're missing some embellishments! Hop on over to Freckles in April and learn how you can make your very own Morse Code Necklace! It looks really, really cool and fun to make!

Eline from Eline S. has a little DIY on how to personalize your storage jars. The only things you'll need are jars, blackboard paint and a brush. And you know the fun part? Blackboard paint is available in a range of colors! So you can make your cupboard as colorful as you like or just keep it sec and to the point.

Morse Code Necklace
Storage jars

Monday, May 21, 2012

Challenge: Take two

In my last post I told you about my time-consuming Challenge for May. But I made up for the two weeks I lost trying to figure out the intructions! Yesterday I finished my first muslin with the first few adaptions. The pattern I'm using isn't hard at all to follow at all. Everythinig is clearly illustrated and helps you understand the instructions.

There is only one thing: There aren't any notches on any pattern piece. It doesn't form a problem for the front and back, but the sleeves are a problem. I couldn't figure out what was the front and what was the back of the sleeve, so off course I ended up sewing them at the wrong sides. Luckily I have my very own saviour who came to my rescue! She told me something wich I found very useful:

"The Grainline (GL) of the sleeve is always the centre of the sleeve. When you fold your sleevepattern on the grainline, you'll notice that one side of the pattern is bigger than the other. The larger piece is the front of the sleeve and the smaller piece is the back."

Oh, and for those who are still learning to sew, I have another piece of advice to share with you. When you take a few inches away from the waist, you have to adjust the sidewaydarts. To do this you adjust the point of the dart downwards for at least the length that you took away from the waist. Don't adjust the point for more than the lenght that you took away. The 'legs' from the dart stay put. You only move the point around. Make sure that the tip of the dart stands vertical with the nipple.
Voila, I hope my explanation wasn't too complicated. If so, please feel free to ask me any of your questions!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Challenge: The wrong choice

These past couple of weeks, I've been busy with Vogue's V8333. I had my muslin cut and serged and started to sew the first darts. Then I came across a problem. First, I decided to discard the interfacing, since it was only a muslin, but when I read the instructions very carefully, it became clear that I couldn't. After I came across the first word that I didn't understand (and was clearly very important), I pushed my sewing machine to the side and started my computer.

After googling the word 'bridle' it was obvious that this wasn't a project that would come together like it was nothing. No, it would take a loooong time and a LOT of patience. Thanks to this site I realised that I'm not patient enough. Because all that handsewing sure takes a lot of your time. And to be really honoust to you: I don't want to be that patient. Not yet, at least.

Still, I read the instructions once more. Just to make sure that I really wasn't able to do this. And I'm not. I want to, but it's just that bit to much for me. So I decided to put the project on the side, for now, and start again when I feel like I'm ready for it. Perhaps next time I will pay closer attention to the dificulty: Advanced is clearly not something I am. :-)

Now I've got only one thing left to do: sew a garment in less than a month for my monthly challenge! This time I'll look for an easy pattern: not only because of the little time I have left, but mostly to make me feel good again. And I know just the pattern for it! I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More patterns

Today, my order from Sewaholic Patterns arrived! Jippie! At this rate, I'll be sewing all of my free time for a couple of years. All those new patterns I bought recently are sure going to keep me busy. If I stick to my One-Garment-A-Month-challenge, I will be sewing these patterns for 25 months! And that's not even counting all those clothes I want to make from Knipmode or Burda! Do you guys have the same problem? Wanting to make all these beautiful clothes, but just not having the time for it? Perhaps I should make 2 a month or so, because if I know myself, there's sure to come a whole lot more patterns in the following 25 months!

But let's get back on today's subject: This time I did take a picture of the package the way it arrived. An envelope with a nice stamp from Sewaholic. There were 3 patterns inside: the Cambie Dress, Renfrew Top and Minoru Jacket. No doubt you've already heard from these patterns (because I mentioned them a couple of days ago.). And if you haven't, be sure to check it out! I'm telling you, it won't be wasted time! Not only her patterns are nice and interesting, so is her blog. She gives you a lot of tips and tricks that help you become a better seamstress!

The envelope
Contents of the envelope
Contents of the pattern

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Newest addition

It won't be long before I'm a real pattern collecter! A few weeks back, I bought 23 new patterns form Vogue/McCall's/Butterick. But still I couldn't surpress the urge to buy some more beautiful patterns. Last week, I purchased some patterns from 2 different shops. One of them was from Sewaholic - click here to see the post - and the other one is from Backstitch.

I have to tell you guys that I don't even remember how I came along Backstitch. i just stumbled upon it and now I'm a fan. They have tons of cute patterns just shouting to me: 'Pick me! Pick me!' Since I recently bought so many new patterns, I only allowed myself to buy 1 pattern. After some arguing with myself over various patterns, the Banksia Top from Megan Nielsen Patterns was the lucky one! Only because it had that Peter Pan-collar I recently started to like.

The store itself is in the UK, so everything is in English with English measurements or American measurements. Since I'm not a native English-speaker, that's something to consider. Luckily, after my experience with the Vogue pattern, language isn't such a big deal. But what I really want to talk about - instead of the language tha pattern is written in - is the way they designed their pattern envelope! its just breathtaking, if you ask me! It really appaeled to me and I was curious at what to expect from the contents. It kept amazing me: inside there was a little booklet with instructions instead of the well-known folded paper! A real booklet with clear instructions, inpiration to alter the pattern, ... But what was really interesting were the last few pages.

On these last pages you can note what you altered, what you liked, ... You can even put a sample of the fabric you used inside it! It just has everything to help you writing everything down for later so you can copy it again, or even perfect it. How marvelous is that?! Oh, and it even has a few blank pages for you to fill in any way you like! I'm encanted by the way they present their patterns. Really amazing and original.

I've been going on and on about how they present their pattern, but I haven't told you much about the pattern itself, have I? Well, let me correct that! It's a top with a Peter Pan-collar. Ever since I've seen them popping up on the blogs I follow, I wanted one. A top or dress with a Peter Pan-collar. Now I finally can make myself one! And using this pattern, I'll be able to alter other patterns and add that beautiful Peter Pan-collar! Just look at these pic's and you'll be amazed too!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Clever Links: May 10, 2012

Oh my, you just wouldn't believe all the interesting links I want to show you! I think I would need more than a lifetime! Ok, perhaps that's a bit over the top, but you'll get the picture. Today, I've got a very fine selection ready to show you!

A few months back, I decided I wanted to make a Jersey T-shirt/sweater/... This week, I finally purchased a long-desired pattern (more on this later). Some sniffing around on the world wide web provided me with some usefull tutorials and tips. One of them is from Carolyn's blog. She shows you how you can re-ensure the shoulderseams. That way your garment won't stretch or - eventually - rip at those vulnarable seams. Be sure to check out her post.

Gertie from Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing hosts tons of useful tips and tricks. One of them is her latest post about patterns. She talks you through pattern ease: sometimes when you follow the directions of the pattern, use the size it says you have to use, you still end up with an enormous garment! Why is that? Perhaps you already figured it out yourself: pattern ease. Hop over to Gertie's blog to learn how you can prevent this!

I hope these links were helpful for you! I've got a bunch of others lined up for next time!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sewaholic Patterns

Whoooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I finally did it! I've placed my very first order at Sewaholic! Ever since Tasia started her patternshop, I've been willing to place one. So, why did I wait so long? It's simple: I just couldn't pay with the methods avilable. So, I went to my bank and made sure that I can. Even though I am listed as a pattern tester, so far I haven't been able to test one of her patterns. Wich is really sad because I really, really want to test one of her patterns!

Anyway, it won't be long until these babies will be in my collection: her newest creation the Cambie Dress (wich isn't available yet, unless you're on a special presale-list), the Renfrew Top and the Minoru Jacket. I'm a fan of all her patterns, but I think the other ones won't suit me as well as they suit her. Too bad, really, 'cause I still want them.

Just so all of you can see how wonderful Tasia really is: here are a few pictures of her creations.
Cambie Dress
Renfrew Top
Minoru Jacket
Lonsdale Dress
Crescent Skirt
Pendrell Blouse

Friday, May 4, 2012

Clever Links: May 4, 2012

Here they are again! Today I've got 3 pages you definitly need to check.

All Free Sewing
First up is All Free Sewing. Do you want to redecorate, start sewing quilts, make some maternity clothes? All those things and more can be found at AFS! And do youknow what's even better? They're all free! So perhaps you want to try your hand at quilting for the first time, but don't want to spend too much on a pattern? All Free Sewing finds those free patterns for you and put them in one place so you can easily find them. How wonderful is that?

Delia Creates
One of the blogs I'm addicted to, is Delia Creates. She never leds me down when I'm looking for something sewing-related. Even though I don't have children - yet - I still saved this link to her "Let's go to the park-bag". Just look at it! Really cute, don't you guys think? Who knows, perhaps I'll make one just for fun and go to the gym with it. Those pockets on the inside are ideal for putting away a bottle of water, sporting shoes, ... Endless possibilities!

Pattern Runway
Last but not least: Pattern Runway. For all those who have dreamed of creating their first (or second, third, ...) lined jacket, but never dared to take that step: be sure to check out Pattern Runway's review of her very own lined jackets. The pictures give you a good insight at how everything should look. Even though she didn't record every step of her process, you get the idea. It may even help you understand some aspects of a lined jacket. Keep in mind: even if it looks difficult, eventually you'll be glad you did it! Be sure to check out her post about Jacket Terminology.