Monday, May 21, 2012

Challenge: Take two

In my last post I told you about my time-consuming Challenge for May. But I made up for the two weeks I lost trying to figure out the intructions! Yesterday I finished my first muslin with the first few adaptions. The pattern I'm using isn't hard at all to follow at all. Everythinig is clearly illustrated and helps you understand the instructions.

There is only one thing: There aren't any notches on any pattern piece. It doesn't form a problem for the front and back, but the sleeves are a problem. I couldn't figure out what was the front and what was the back of the sleeve, so off course I ended up sewing them at the wrong sides. Luckily I have my very own saviour who came to my rescue! She told me something wich I found very useful:

"The Grainline (GL) of the sleeve is always the centre of the sleeve. When you fold your sleevepattern on the grainline, you'll notice that one side of the pattern is bigger than the other. The larger piece is the front of the sleeve and the smaller piece is the back."

Oh, and for those who are still learning to sew, I have another piece of advice to share with you. When you take a few inches away from the waist, you have to adjust the sidewaydarts. To do this you adjust the point of the dart downwards for at least the length that you took away from the waist. Don't adjust the point for more than the lenght that you took away. The 'legs' from the dart stay put. You only move the point around. Make sure that the tip of the dart stands vertical with the nipple.
Voila, I hope my explanation wasn't too complicated. If so, please feel free to ask me any of your questions!

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