Friday, May 18, 2012

Challenge: The wrong choice

These past couple of weeks, I've been busy with Vogue's V8333. I had my muslin cut and serged and started to sew the first darts. Then I came across a problem. First, I decided to discard the interfacing, since it was only a muslin, but when I read the instructions very carefully, it became clear that I couldn't. After I came across the first word that I didn't understand (and was clearly very important), I pushed my sewing machine to the side and started my computer.

After googling the word 'bridle' it was obvious that this wasn't a project that would come together like it was nothing. No, it would take a loooong time and a LOT of patience. Thanks to this site I realised that I'm not patient enough. Because all that handsewing sure takes a lot of your time. And to be really honoust to you: I don't want to be that patient. Not yet, at least.

Still, I read the instructions once more. Just to make sure that I really wasn't able to do this. And I'm not. I want to, but it's just that bit to much for me. So I decided to put the project on the side, for now, and start again when I feel like I'm ready for it. Perhaps next time I will pay closer attention to the dificulty: Advanced is clearly not something I am. :-)

Now I've got only one thing left to do: sew a garment in less than a month for my monthly challenge! This time I'll look for an easy pattern: not only because of the little time I have left, but mostly to make me feel good again. And I know just the pattern for it! I'll keep you posted!

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