Friday, June 29, 2012

The Cambie Dress

Finally, it's finished! Or better yet: I finished it three days ago and already wore it twice: Sewaholic's Cambie Dress. This really is a dream of a sewing pattern! I even started sewing my second dress. This time I won't add pockets and used a lighter fabric than this version. What do you think about this version?

Oh, and that bulky fabric at the tip of the dart: I already took care of that. In this version I ended op using something that resembles a princess seam so it wouldn't bulk anymore. I altered the pattern so it won't do the same thing every time I make this dress. I'll show you the altered dress as soon as I take a picture of it.

Now, onto those alterations I was talking about. I needed to fix the buste because I'm, well, above average. My Saviour and I got headaches on how we were supposed to alter it. Not because the pattern was difficult, but to remember how you altered that specific area after the alterations we already did. After a few trial-and-errors we ended up with the right dimensions. Wether it's according to the rules... Well, I'll just won't say anything about that. The important thing is that the fit is right.

At the center of the front pattern, above the tip of the dart, I omitted 1,5 cm so it would be less bulky. I also took 4 cm at the top of the front pattern with a dart, wich I later 'worked in the pattern', so you wouldn't see the dart on the dress. I also altered the back: 3 cm were taken at the bottom of the Center Back to fit the curve of my back. It went gradually went to 0 cm at the sides. Et voilà, that's it! I didn't alter anything else! There'll definitly be more dresses from this pattern. I just love it! But I have to admit, next time, I'll leave the pockets out. If you ask me, I think it doesn't look flattering for me at the hips. Normally I'm an hourglass, but with the pockets and all I seem to be more pear-shaped than hourglass-shaped.

Speaking about a pear-shaped body: this dress was specially made for those of us with broad hips and smaller shoulder: the pear-shaped ones. With this shape, it'll destract the attention from the hip and attract it to the shoulders, balance out those hips. But, as I said moments earlier, that's not the case with me when I put the pockets in. Does this troubles me? No. Is this the fault of the pattern? No. The solution? When your hourglass, like me, just omit those pockets and you'll do just fine! Really, I'm going to make this dress so many times you'll get sick of seeing it!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flowers, Cans and Thoughts

Just look at these beautiful flowers my Other Half gave me last week. Aren't they beautiful? Sunflowers are so adorable! Especially with these not-so-sunny days we've had the last couple of weeks. But now I don't need the sun, because I have my very own sun(flower) in my home.


With such stunning flowers I didn't have a joice but to get creative. So that's what I did, not only on a sewing level. I came across this picture on Pinterest. Instantly inspired I decided to go shopping. Not the usual shopping I do, but I went shopping for spraypaint. To be honoust: I used a lot of spraypaint to get a nice, evencoated look. But you'll have to admit that the results are stunning:

The color is called 'champagne' but I find it more like a rich cream color. I'm just absolutely in love with these! They used to be a bunch of non-matching cans who were beautiful by its own, but horrible if you put them togheter. Now they match up in color and the different styles and sizes let me recognize what's inside it. And you can do this with just the cans you get when you buy tea, cookies, snacks,... and give them a new purpose. Yep, I'm really into dying these little things!

Last but not least: a sewing-update. Actually I was hoping that I could show you a finished dress. But unfortunatly, faith decided otherwise. Everything fitted very well, but I just needed to adjust the darts. Nothing big really. But instead of solving the problem, it became bigger. Litterally. At the tip of the dart was a bump. A huge bump. Instead of following my curves, it gave me more. Not really something I wanted.

So that had to be altered. Again. Last night it was half past 11pm when my Saviour and I finally drew the last hand at the altered pattern. So today or tomorrow, I'll hopfully have a brand new dress to show to you!

That's it for today. Enjoy the sun while it's shining!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Clever Links: June 19, 2012

Today I came across the most amazing site! Seriously, I have no doubts that Make This Look will be one of my favorite and most visited blogs/sites! You absolutely need to check it out! They show you what pattern you should use for wich dress. They even give you some tips on how to accessorize it!  And I have to admit, the patterns are really close to the inspiration dress! You can even post a request-dress if you like - though I haven't figured out how that works quite yet.

To keep our Inspiration-vibe, here is a dress from Topvintage - a dutch online store where you can buy all sorts of vintage-inspired stuff: clothing, accesories, jewelry, ... What do you think of it? It's definatly worth a try, if you ask me. And who knows, perhaps I can figure out how you can make a request over at Make This Look and they'll come op with a pattern.

I'm sorry to say that's it for today, but only because I've got a whole bunch over other links waiting for next time. They are mostly about sewing tips and tricks on how to adjust a pattern or even that jeans that's now to big for you! So stay tuned!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spot on!

It took me two failed projects, but finally I've got my sewing-mojo back! I was beginning to doubt that I was even able to sew! Luckily, Sewaholic has this dream of a pattern! Really, it felt like it was made for me.

Last weekend, I started sewing the muslin. Halfway through the process I decided to 'test' the pattern by putting it on, even though I didn't even put the zipper in, yet. At first, I thought that it might be a bit too small for me. But, never judge until you finish your dress! So yesterday, I put in that zipper, sewed the sleeves and hemmed everything that needed a hem. I didn't put a lining in the dress, because it was just a muslin. To be really honest: I was DELIGHTED with the results! Never before did a project kling to my body from the first time as this one! I barely had to change anything at all!

The skirt and the waist were perfect from the start: no adjustments needed. Well, perhaps the waist could use a litlle tucking in, but that's not really necessary. The only thing I needed to adjust was the area above the buste. The sweatheart neckline didn't fell smoothly to my body: there were gaps and such everywhere. But that's not such a big deal: just add an extra dart at the top of the neckline and voilà: you're done! Honestly: I've never ever before enountered such a simple, well made pattern that comes together nicely without too much alterations. My future is bright again!

So, after those two fiasco's I'm really excited to have that affirmation that I can sew, that I didn't waste these last two years not learning anything. I just have to remember that learning to sew on your own is a slow process. I have to take it one step at the time without skipping some.

Oh, and I just finished altering the pattern with the darts. Now I need to cut my fabric and sew the second muslin together. I must warn you: perhaps it won't even be a muslin! I like the fabric and who knows, if it fits, I'll wear it! To give you an idea on what the first muslin looks like: here's a vintage picture of it.

The Cambie Dress

Friday, June 8, 2012

Clever Links: June 8, 2012

Today I've got some interesting DIY-links to share with you!

A Lemon Squeezy Home has a cute tutorial on how to remake a shirt that's too big (e.i. waist and arm lengths). She'll learn you how to do it and give it your own twist! And to be honost: I would love to have that shirt! How did she know the potential of the 'bag' when she saw it?

Ever wanted to make your very own coin purse? Here's your chance! Jump on over to The Purl Bee and follow her instructions. She makes it look like it takes no effort at all! A great short project for all those scraps that are lying around. Just make sure you buy the right supplies and everything will go peachy!

Speaking of scraps: I've got this lovely tutorial for you from Dog Under My Bed. From now on, all those scraps in your scrapheap belong to the past! This heartshaped pouch keeps all your small stuff in check. Or perhaps you can give it as a birthdaygift for a friend of your little ones. No matter what you decide to do with it, your scrapheap will vanish before your eyes!

A Lemon Squeezy Home
The Purl Bee
Heart Shaped Pouch

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sewing Hazards

It was a bit quiet on the blogfront last week. Not because I didn't want to write anything or wanted to ignore you all. No, it was far more worse! Do you remember what I told you a couple of days/weeks ago? About the jacket that had gone wrong? Well, that wasn't to bad after all. It just a pattern that's way above my skill-level - should have realised that ages ago. It would've saved me a lot of time and frustration - and I can still pick it up when I feel ready for it. Wether that's in a couple of months or - more likely - in a couple of years.

The top I was making is a whole other story. It is a simple pattern - and by simple I mean really, really easy: no waist (baggybag-style), 1 dart at either side of the front pattern, the Peter Pan-collar and (here should be the hardest part) the placket. Did I say the placket should be the hardest? I was wrong. Totally, unmistakably wrong. As it turned out, the shoulders were something close to hell. They just aren't right! No matter what I did, the back always had a lot of poof and the front not enough. So, I called in my Saviour to help me out. There was some furrowing, scratches on the head and eventually we made some changes to the pattern. Alas, it didn't help.

Even after our changes, the pattern still didn't fit. I'm telling you, those shoulders are really bad. Or at least, they are for me. But as my Saviour does know about these kind of things, I'm just going with her and say that the shoulders just don't add up. You see, normally, the front of the shoulder has a (slightly) different curve than the back. With this pattern, that isn't the case. The front and the back are the same. The only thing that gives you a hint of a front and back, is the grainline, as I explained here. It was a mess, I'm telling you!

So, my Saviour took controll and told me that she would make me a whole new pattern starting from scratch! That way, I can use it as a base for my next projects without ever coming across these problems again (bad fit and stuff). So actually, she'll be making me a Block Pattern. Yay!
Instead of one piece of clothing in June, I'll be making 2 pieces because I didn't finish one in May. There will be a top (the one we're making from scratch, based on the other pattern) and something else wich I'm not going to tell you yet! Just know that I already started to sew!

Hopefully, next time I'll have some happier news to tell you and some new creations to show you instead of the two disappointments from these past weeks.