Friday, June 29, 2012

The Cambie Dress

Finally, it's finished! Or better yet: I finished it three days ago and already wore it twice: Sewaholic's Cambie Dress. This really is a dream of a sewing pattern! I even started sewing my second dress. This time I won't add pockets and used a lighter fabric than this version. What do you think about this version?

Oh, and that bulky fabric at the tip of the dart: I already took care of that. In this version I ended op using something that resembles a princess seam so it wouldn't bulk anymore. I altered the pattern so it won't do the same thing every time I make this dress. I'll show you the altered dress as soon as I take a picture of it.

Now, onto those alterations I was talking about. I needed to fix the buste because I'm, well, above average. My Saviour and I got headaches on how we were supposed to alter it. Not because the pattern was difficult, but to remember how you altered that specific area after the alterations we already did. After a few trial-and-errors we ended up with the right dimensions. Wether it's according to the rules... Well, I'll just won't say anything about that. The important thing is that the fit is right.

At the center of the front pattern, above the tip of the dart, I omitted 1,5 cm so it would be less bulky. I also took 4 cm at the top of the front pattern with a dart, wich I later 'worked in the pattern', so you wouldn't see the dart on the dress. I also altered the back: 3 cm were taken at the bottom of the Center Back to fit the curve of my back. It went gradually went to 0 cm at the sides. Et voilĂ , that's it! I didn't alter anything else! There'll definitly be more dresses from this pattern. I just love it! But I have to admit, next time, I'll leave the pockets out. If you ask me, I think it doesn't look flattering for me at the hips. Normally I'm an hourglass, but with the pockets and all I seem to be more pear-shaped than hourglass-shaped.

Speaking about a pear-shaped body: this dress was specially made for those of us with broad hips and smaller shoulder: the pear-shaped ones. With this shape, it'll destract the attention from the hip and attract it to the shoulders, balance out those hips. But, as I said moments earlier, that's not the case with me when I put the pockets in. Does this troubles me? No. Is this the fault of the pattern? No. The solution? When your hourglass, like me, just omit those pockets and you'll do just fine! Really, I'm going to make this dress so many times you'll get sick of seeing it!

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