Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Clever Links: June 19, 2012

Today I came across the most amazing site! Seriously, I have no doubts that Make This Look will be one of my favorite and most visited blogs/sites! You absolutely need to check it out! They show you what pattern you should use for wich dress. They even give you some tips on how to accessorize it!  And I have to admit, the patterns are really close to the inspiration dress! You can even post a request-dress if you like - though I haven't figured out how that works quite yet.

To keep our Inspiration-vibe, here is a dress from Topvintage - a dutch online store where you can buy all sorts of vintage-inspired stuff: clothing, accesories, jewelry, ... What do you think of it? It's definatly worth a try, if you ask me. And who knows, perhaps I can figure out how you can make a request over at Make This Look and they'll come op with a pattern.

I'm sorry to say that's it for today, but only because I've got a whole bunch over other links waiting for next time. They are mostly about sewing tips and tricks on how to adjust a pattern or even that jeans that's now to big for you! So stay tuned!

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