Monday, June 4, 2012

Sewing Hazards

It was a bit quiet on the blogfront last week. Not because I didn't want to write anything or wanted to ignore you all. No, it was far more worse! Do you remember what I told you a couple of days/weeks ago? About the jacket that had gone wrong? Well, that wasn't to bad after all. It just a pattern that's way above my skill-level - should have realised that ages ago. It would've saved me a lot of time and frustration - and I can still pick it up when I feel ready for it. Wether that's in a couple of months or - more likely - in a couple of years.

The top I was making is a whole other story. It is a simple pattern - and by simple I mean really, really easy: no waist (baggybag-style), 1 dart at either side of the front pattern, the Peter Pan-collar and (here should be the hardest part) the placket. Did I say the placket should be the hardest? I was wrong. Totally, unmistakably wrong. As it turned out, the shoulders were something close to hell. They just aren't right! No matter what I did, the back always had a lot of poof and the front not enough. So, I called in my Saviour to help me out. There was some furrowing, scratches on the head and eventually we made some changes to the pattern. Alas, it didn't help.

Even after our changes, the pattern still didn't fit. I'm telling you, those shoulders are really bad. Or at least, they are for me. But as my Saviour does know about these kind of things, I'm just going with her and say that the shoulders just don't add up. You see, normally, the front of the shoulder has a (slightly) different curve than the back. With this pattern, that isn't the case. The front and the back are the same. The only thing that gives you a hint of a front and back, is the grainline, as I explained here. It was a mess, I'm telling you!

So, my Saviour took controll and told me that she would make me a whole new pattern starting from scratch! That way, I can use it as a base for my next projects without ever coming across these problems again (bad fit and stuff). So actually, she'll be making me a Block Pattern. Yay!
Instead of one piece of clothing in June, I'll be making 2 pieces because I didn't finish one in May. There will be a top (the one we're making from scratch, based on the other pattern) and something else wich I'm not going to tell you yet! Just know that I already started to sew!

Hopefully, next time I'll have some happier news to tell you and some new creations to show you instead of the two disappointments from these past weeks.

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