Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spot on!

It took me two failed projects, but finally I've got my sewing-mojo back! I was beginning to doubt that I was even able to sew! Luckily, Sewaholic has this dream of a pattern! Really, it felt like it was made for me.

Last weekend, I started sewing the muslin. Halfway through the process I decided to 'test' the pattern by putting it on, even though I didn't even put the zipper in, yet. At first, I thought that it might be a bit too small for me. But, never judge until you finish your dress! So yesterday, I put in that zipper, sewed the sleeves and hemmed everything that needed a hem. I didn't put a lining in the dress, because it was just a muslin. To be really honest: I was DELIGHTED with the results! Never before did a project kling to my body from the first time as this one! I barely had to change anything at all!

The skirt and the waist were perfect from the start: no adjustments needed. Well, perhaps the waist could use a litlle tucking in, but that's not really necessary. The only thing I needed to adjust was the area above the buste. The sweatheart neckline didn't fell smoothly to my body: there were gaps and such everywhere. But that's not such a big deal: just add an extra dart at the top of the neckline and voilĂ : you're done! Honestly: I've never ever before enountered such a simple, well made pattern that comes together nicely without too much alterations. My future is bright again!

So, after those two fiasco's I'm really excited to have that affirmation that I can sew, that I didn't waste these last two years not learning anything. I just have to remember that learning to sew on your own is a slow process. I have to take it one step at the time without skipping some.

Oh, and I just finished altering the pattern with the darts. Now I need to cut my fabric and sew the second muslin together. I must warn you: perhaps it won't even be a muslin! I like the fabric and who knows, if it fits, I'll wear it! To give you an idea on what the first muslin looks like: here's a vintage picture of it.

The Cambie Dress

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