Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lovely Weather

These last couple of days it's been a bit quiet around the blog. Why? Well, because of the weather ofcourse! I have been sewing, but not as much as the previous months. It's just not possible with this kind of weather!

At the moment there are 5 projects I'm working on. For starters there's that dress I'm working on for the wedding of a friend, another dress for her bachelorette-weekend (celebrating her last days as an unmarried woman) and some ribbons to wear on that weekend (a cute reminder, don't you agree?). But that's it for wedding-related sewing. I'm still altering that top, but it's more of a long-term project. My Saviour and I must have the time to work on it (and want to work on it). And lastly there are these really cute shorts ready to be cut. As you can see: there's a lot to be done.

I have to admit: next month will also be a quiet blog-month. Yes, I'm a busy girl: the hen-weekend, on vacation, the wedding... The first three weekends of August are completely 'occupied'. Mostly I sew in the weekends, so you can figure out what this means :-)

But still: keep a close eye on the blog, because I have a few finished projects coming up! Don't you guys agree that I've kept you inside long enough? So do I! So head on out that door and have fun in the sun!

Edit: Woaaaaaah! I'm subscribe to the mailing list of Sewaholic's Patterns and today I recieved an e-mail with the EXACT top that I'm altering at the moment. Soo... goodbye altering-stuff and hello Sewaholic pattern!! Did I mension yet that I'm a huge fan of Tasia? Well, I am! Just go and check it out!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sneak Peak

I'm finally sewing the Cambie Dress with the fabrics I want! I don't know if you remember, but one of my friends is getting married late august and I decided to make my own dress. I chose a red lace and a gold satin fabric. Here's a sneak peak!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Clever Links: July 11, 2012

And here is the second part! Today I want to share some advice about patterns; information wich I've found very useful and helped me piece everything together.

So, for starters, I have this really great, free PDF about posture differences. Why is this so important? The answer is simple: every body is shaped differently. If you want your garment to fit nicely, you want it to follow the shape of your body without any bumps or creases where they shouldn't be. Somebody with a hollow back shall need to take away a few centimeters from te back. But that's not the only thing wich can be different. The stance of your shoulders or even your cupsizes can differ. This PDF gives you a clear view on how to acknowledge and alter these posture differences. Really useful if you want to alter your pattern but don't have that technical know-how yet. Note: the PDF is in Dutch.

No doubt you have that one t-shirt in your closet wich you absolutely love: it fits like a dream, makes you look and feel good, ... But, as time goes by and your wearing your favourite shirt time and time again, it gets worn-out. Time to ditch it? Absolutely not! This tutorial will help you remake that favourite shirt. And even if it isn't your favourite shirt, but you just want to update your wardrobe, this is the answer to your questions! The only down part? Again, this one is written in Dutch. But hey, don't let that stop you! Google translate and the pictures will deffinatly help you on the way!

To keep going about the basics, you should try the tutorial on how to make your very own camisole. You know, that top wich you can wear with a variety of purposes: as underwear, sleepwear or just topwear. It all depends on what you want. A real basic, if you ask me.

Recently, I came across these tulip sleeves. I just fell in love with them instantly. So far, I haven't tried it yet, but I have a few projects coming up wich would be ideal for this kind of sleeve. Anyway, although the tutorial is written for a toddler, you can use it for a grown-up. All you have to do is add some inches so it matches your dynamics.

Lastly I have 2 more links to show you. Ever wanted to make your very own corset? Perhaps you even thought of following a course, but you just never got to it? I've found this great how-to and pattern! I really hope that I can make one, when I find the time for it. Oh, and appearently Gertie from Gerties New Blog for Better Sewing and I had the same thought around the same time. Follow these links to see what she came up with. She also has some really helpful advice and links to share with you!

Tulip Sleeves

Monday, July 9, 2012

Clever Links: July 9, 2012

Here we are: it's time to give you a heads up on tips and tricks to alter a garment. Listed below, I've found a couple of links wich I found really useful, so I decided to share them with you. Because there are so many, these links will be posted over a post or two, so make sure you check again on wednesday.

First of all - and I just hàd to show you guys - I've found thé invention of the year: How to make your very own biais-tape in a jiffy. I've tried it myself already and just absolutely adore it! How I ever managed those tapes before is a mistery. This is soooooo easy! Be sure to check out this lady's blog.

Men like to sew to. Peter Lapin prooves this with his blog. His tutorial on how to attach a hook-and-eye to your shorts/pants is just pure gold! I haven't tried it yet, though, but I have a short planned on my sewing-to-do-list, so I'll definatly put it to good use.

For those who are into vintage-patterns and who like to actually sew those patterns, I've got a tip on how to choose the right size. The way they graded patterns back then and nowadays is totally different, but this little post shows you what you have to do to get a good head start. So, if you own a vintage 1950's or earlier or a retro 1960's or later pattern, try it out.

Those invisible zippers, don't you just hate sewing them in your dress or skirt? I know I don't like it. Not because the zippers aren't good or something like that, but they're just so darn hard to sew correctly! Now, I came across this little tutorial to make a lapped zipper. Seems much easier than the invisible zipper and I think I'll give it a shot. Just so I don't have to sew-in that irritatable invisible zipper. Hop on over to the tutorial and be enlightend!


Vintage Patterns
Lapped zipper

Even though this is the end of this post, I still have the following to share with you in the next post: tulip sleeves, drafting a pattern from a t-shirt, ... Come back on wednesday and these little mysteries will be revieled!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cambie Dress 2

I barely finished the last dress, and I already have a new one to show you! This time I made some more changes: I made the skirt a bit smaller at the hips. The buste still doens't fit quite well, so next time, I'll have to change that again, although it's better than with the red version.

On sundaymorning I woke up early to get some sewing done. There was a familyparty that day and I really wanted to wear my new dress. The only problem: I hadn't sewn it yet. But not to worry: 6 hours later I was the owner of a brand new dress, fully lined. Though I have to admit: it was a close one. I didn't even finished the hem because I had to go. But hey: that's 'hip' nowadays, so I didn't care all that much.

My niece helped me take these pictures. We were fooling around, so don't mind the silly pics. The dress is yellow, even though I look a bit purple. Last year, my parents-in-law went to the US and they bought me this fabric from JoAnn's. Since I've never been in the USA, I was thrilled with the two fabrics they gae to me! One of my goals for the future is to visit a JoAnn's-store. Perhaps I'll even leave my SH behind and stay all day long. But that's for the future. For now I'll just enjoy this dress.