Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clever Links: September 27, 2012

Small things can change a life. That's my motto with these clever links. They don't mean a lot, just to make your day-to-day sewing easier, but they can be lifechanging! If you want to know more, then just keep on reading...

Costumized Hangers
Even though this isn't really sew-related, I'm still posting this one. 'Cause you need hangers to keep all your clothes - wether you made them yourself or not - organized. And how better to do this than with these cute hangers. All you need is a needle nose plier, wire cutters, drill and a pen or marker. Before you know it, you'll have your very own hanger with your name on it (or perhaps a nice flower or something).

Biais Tape
Grosgrain found this amazing how-to on making 5 yards biais tape out of a fat quarter. Really amazing! If you don't know what a fat quarter is, let me explain it to you. Basically, it's very simple: it's a piece of fabric cut according to a specified size: 18"x22" (46cm x 56cm).

Sewing Tips
Need some useful sewing tips, straight from industrial sewing? That's exactly what Coletterie had to offer to you. 15 ways on how to sew faster, easier or just make your sewing experience a bit more fun. 15 ways to improve your sewing and the look of your garments without buying an industrial sewing machine.

Pocket Detail
Also from Coletterie, I found this cute tutorial on how to make your pockets that tad more interesting. Bored of those plain old pockets on your jeans or jacket? No problem! Just follow the tutorial and you'll update your pocket just like that. Oh, and it gives your jacket that extra vintage look. Bonus!

Customized Hanger
Biais Tape

Sewing Tips

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