Monday, October 8, 2012

A long anticipated post

Alright, so this post went up a few days later then the original dutch post did, but still: Here it is! The long anticipated blogpost about the dress I wore at my friend's wedding.

I've spend at least 3 months designing this dress. First of all, I made my green dress as a first try to see how the dress would fall. AlI had in mind to make this the top lace dress. Alas, my other half saw the green dress, of wich I'm still a fan, and decided that he absolutely didn't like it. So I abandonned my original idea and went looking for another dresspattern.

Luckily, by then the Cambie Dress pattern from Sewaholic had arrived and I saw the perfect opportunity in it: this would become the dress I would wear to the wedding! I started with good spirit and the red and yellow dresses were the fruits of my labour. When I finished the dress in the fabric I planned to wear at the wedding, I was a bit dissapointed. No, I'm lying: I was very dissappointed. It just wasn't the way I imagined it. All my hard work for nothing. Although, I have to admit that it was mostly my own fault. There was something wrong with the shoulders, I sewed the lace and gold fabric togehter before I sewed the dress. The dress looks better in the pucture than it does in real life. At this point, I just wanted to give up and buy myself a dress. With just a week before the wedding, this was very appealing. But, I sticked to it and still made my own dress. This time I combined the two dresses (Vogue and Cambie), fusing the best parts of both into one dress.

I started with the Vogue dress and deepened the neckline so that it was at the same level as the neckline of the cambie dress. I also used the cambie dress to alter the buste for a better fitting, I cut the shoulders a bit smaller and took 15cm (about 6 inches) off the skirt. I first sewed to dresses: one in lace and one in gold. Then I sewed them together at the neckline and shoulderseams. I sewed a few stitches at the waist to keep the lace dress from shifting. I'm really happy with how this one turned out and there is a plan to sew another (winter)dress from it.

Oh, before I forget: this is the dress for my challenge from august.

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