Thursday, November 1, 2012

An explanation

Hey guys! Sorry for dissappearing like that! Two weeks ago, I was in an accident and decided to take it a bit slower until I was feeling better. Just to speed up the heeling process. All in all, I'm fine - just some bruises and sourness. The material damage, however, was a bit more ... well, it was a mess.

Anyway, my decision to take it down a notch really helped. Even though I didn't do as much on the sewing-related stuff as I wanted to, dit did help. I'm up and running again and ready to take on everything that I planned to do these last couple of weeks.

Let's make a trip to my thoughts, just so you know what I'm up to:

  1. One of my nieces is pregnant and due in december. Since november started today, I thought it's about time to think about gifts for the little tyke. Finally I can put all those tutorials for babyshower-gifts to good use! Only one thing left to do: find them again. :P
  2. About that same time, I've got another wedding to attend. Now, my plan is to make something new for this one. The red dress is a bit too - well, frankly, it's a bit too much for this wedding, too red. So, instead I plan to make another dress. I know what pattern I'll be using, what kind of fabric I want and the other embellishments. There's only one problem: I just don't know wich color! I'm thinking about something beige, but a light beige, but still, I'm not sure dyet. I think it's time to pay the fabric store a visit!
  3. Along with the projects stated above, I plan to make a bunch of new tops. All from the same basic pattern, but still: I need them badly! I just love the pattern for this top and it's something that I can definatly wear underneath my pulls that isn't a t-shirt. because, if you must know - I'm not really a t-shirt girl. I just wear them as a necassity under my pulls.
  4. Speaking of pulls - it's about time I started making one (or perhaps some). When perusing thru my closet the other day, I noticed that I seriously lack some good pulls to wear work. Something that doens't say: Yeah, I know it doens't look like anything, but hey! I'm warm!
VoilĂ ! Now you know what I'm planning to do for november - early december. It's going to be a busy month with all those parties and stuff. My birthday is in november, as is my brother's and our (my other half and mine) anniversary. 5 years already! Can you believe it? So: lots and lots to do with limited time to do it!

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