Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Clever links: November 28, 2012

The holidays are right around the corner, so there's no time to lose to share a couple of links with ideas for the holidays!

The Peter Pan-collar is the accessory for this season. I bet you've got a mother, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, ... who'ld like to have tops and blouses with this collar, but don't want to spent all that money on a new one. It's nog because the 'old' ones aren't fashionable anymore, that you can't make them fashionable! Or perhaps you just adore the Peter Pan-collar and want to wear a different one every day. Then I've got good news for you: this tutorial from Grosgrain is so simple and fun that you'll sew a whole wardrobe of collars in no-time!

Or what about leather straps for your shoes? Give your boots an instant-beauty treatment with the tutorial from Cotton & Curls. Oh, and you don't have to make them just for shoes. Handbags or suitcases would work as well! Just let your imagination run free! (Perhaps you could even attach them to your jacket!)
Peter Pan-collar
Leather straps

The holidays aren't only about gifts. Food is also a big part of it. Appetizers, different courses, desserts, ... Every family no doubt has his traditions for the holidays. Not that long ago, I came across a recipe to make cookies from war-times long gone. Cookies that are supposed to be healthier than the plain original cookies. Perhaps these'll make a nice addition to your holiday-table! Curious? Check Tuppance Ha'Penny's recipe.

Last but not least I've got another tutorial from Grosgrain lined up for you: how to alter an ordinary bra to a low back bra within 5 minutes. Perfect for your holidaydress!
Cookie recipe
Low Cut Back

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