Friday, November 9, 2012

Clever Links: November 9, 2012

Do you remember my project that was slightly too much for me? Because of that, I did some searching on the web and before long I came across this explanation from Pattern Runway and how she made her jacket. Even though it's not the same pattern, this'll no doubt help you along the way if you try to make your very first jacket!

Colleterie has this wonderful tutorial, not for a jacket, but for some cute details on your dress of top. With their 'Basket Wave Inset'-tutorial you'll make your very own special detailed inset for the back or collar of your top or dress. I've seen these kind of detailed dresses before, but never in my budget. So when I came across this tutorial, I immediatly saved it to share with you!

Also from Colleterie is this tutorial for a really cute pocketdetail! this gives your dress/skirt/top/sweater/... that little bit more special and more YOU. Something I definatly want to do in the near future.

Oh, speaking about details: have you noticed that the Peter Pan-collar is the accessory for this season? One of it's biggest fans? Me! But more about that in a future post. If you have a t-shirt or top that you want to 'pimp' a little but, you have to check this tutorial from So, Zo out. Before you know it, every top in your closet will have it's very own collar.

Basket Wave Inset
Corded Loop Pocket
Peter Pan-collar

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