Monday, November 19, 2012

It's that time of year again!

Summer's over and autumn really hit the country. The tide is high to get those thick sweaters and camisole out of their box, because those summer sweaters just don't cut it anymore. That's why I decided to knit a few knew sweaters. Well, not really sweaters, but cardigans. So, aside from my busy sewing-scedule, I've got these cardigans lined up:

For starters, there is this beautiful cardigan. Even though I'm not used to english knitting patterns - in contrast to my sewing patterns, I think it won't be to hard for me. This isn't a real basic pattern, but it definatly isn't too hard either: perfect for a advanced beginner like me. :)

This striped cardigan is definatly worth a look. Another simple pattern, but with the changing of the yarn-color you get an interesting addition to your wardrobe without too much effort. If you look at the workdescription, you'll see it isn't hard, but you'll have to count your stitches.

At the moment, I'm knitting this simple cardigan. No special stitches, no cables, no altering colors. Just a cardigan in it's purest way. Perfect to get reaquainted with your knitting skills after you've - like myself - put them away for the last 3 seasons.

The cardigan I plan to knit afterwards, is the Antonia cardigan. A fun, flattering pattern with interesting details wich aren't too hard to knit. I've got the perfect yarn for it, it's been laying in my closet for over a year now! I'ts about time I get around to using it, don't you agree?

The last pattern I plan to knit is the Alska-pattern. You can easily upholster it with an accessory like a bow, something to iron-on (or even sew-on) or something else. Ideal for whatever you want your cardigan to look like!

That's it for knitting patterns! I don't think I'll be able to knit anything else, except perhaps a few baby socks. Oh, and this week I've got pictures of my latest project from Sewaholic Patterns. Beside that, there'll also be a sneakpeak - or perhaps even a finished project - of what I've been upto lately, it depends on how fast I am. :)

striped cardigan
simple cardigan


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