Friday, December 7, 2012

The Pea

It won't be long and we'll be having a little addition to our family. My niece is pregnant and she's due this weekend. Ofcourse I've been busy making presents for the little one. One of them is a stuffed 'animal'. Well, it's not really an animal: it's a pea. Why? Simply because from the beginning the little tyke has been nicknamed 'the Pea'. So I thought it was perfect to never let him/her forget that!
Promptly I decided to look for a pattern and make my stuffed pea. Perhaps it sounds weird, but there aren't a lot of patterns or tutorials - in Dutch - to knit a ball. Luckily I came across this tutorial from KreaDoeUtrecht. My God! It was a mess! 5 needles - wich are 3 too much, if you ask me, to knit comfortably - needles that suddenly leave their place so you have be quick and secure the stitches so you don't lose them, ... Eventually, everything turned out just fine, even though I had a difficult start (and for that matter: a diffifult finish). If you already have a bit of knitting experience, than you should definatly try this one. It let's you get used to knitting with double pointed needles. Perhaps you can even make your very own Christmas balls! :-)

The finished product isn't too bad, don't you agree? Perhaps it looks a bit more like a regular ball than a pea, but I couldn't make a small pea, could I? After all, it's for a baby and it has to be big enough so he/she can't choke on it! So I'll make a 'Pea'-label for it, or something along those lines

I used Schachenmayr SMC Catania's green colored yarn - colorcode 0192. I used a size 2.5 (2 US) double pointed needles. If you want to follow the tutorial, you can find it below. I have to warn you: this is in Dutch without English subtitles. I'm sure if you google it or look around on YouTube, you'll be able to find something simular in English.

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