Wednesday, December 5, 2012

V8333: a few links

Like I told you a few times in these last couple of months, I had some trouble with the Vogue-pattern V8333. Because I'm just plain me, I'm determined to sew that pattern sometime. When that time will be, I don't know yet. But when it does, I came across a couple of links that I think'll help me along with the sewing.

It's not a boatload of links or information, but non the less useful! Who knows, perhaps these links van even help you along the way. All the links are from Poppykettle : every one of them with a clear piece of explenation about what she thought of the pattern.

The Finished Jacket: Poppykettle talks about what she thought of the intructions, the different steps and the overall fit and details. Something to read and consider if you want to make this pattern!

For the finishing of the buttonholes she wrote an article with some instructions. She isn't talking about the exact technique, but it still holds a lot of good information to enrich your sewing vocabularly and know-how on handsewn items/details.

Curious at how the inside of the jacket looks like and how you have to sew it correctly? Poppykettle shows you how.

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