Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finished project: the white dress

It's time to reveal my second, third and fourth project that I sewed this summer. 3 at a time because they are the same dress, made multiple times. The pattern was a simple, but elegant, free burda-pattern: Danielle 9306

There are 2 reasons why I made this dress three times. The first time I made it, it was simply perfect. Untill I decided I wanted to paint the chaircushions red. I immediatly started to work on them, whilst wearing the dress. After I'd opened the paint and was ready to paint the first cushion, I thought to myself: Better to get out of the dress so I don't spoil it. So I went and put something different on. Alas, the damage was already done. When pulling out the dress, I haden't noticed that there was paint on my fingers... I'd just ruined my favorite dress! So I had to make another one. That dress is still in my possession, as perfect as in the beginning!

The third version was made for a very good friend of mine. She saw the dress and asked if she could have one to. Normally I don't sew for friends - I'm afraid I don't sew well enough for that - but it was an easy project and she deserved it, so I made the dress for her. The fabric I used was similar to mine, but I wanted both dresses to look similar and yet be unique. :-)

Now, let's talk about the changes I made. The bust was perfect from the first try. I didn't have to alter anything, wich doesn't happen very often; I didn't even have to move the points of the darts! The changes I did make, were to shorten the skirt by about 10cm (4"), to get to a flattering length. I also decided to alter the sleeves. I wanted a capsleeve instead of the original puffy sleeves. All the edges where finished - except for the hemline - with matching biaistape. 

The results? A dress I plan to make at least one more time, but probably will end up sewing a couple of times! 

Ps: ofcourse there is an 'underdress' ;-)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finished Project: Circle Skirt

It's finally happening! After 2 months, I was able to shoot some quick shots of my finished projects. First up is a circle skirt. 

 My very first, selfmade pattern! With the help of Gerties explanation in her book 'Gerties New Book for Better Sewing', easy step-by-step guidence, I was able to create this lovely skirt, already one of my wardrobe favorites! There's only one thing I would change next time: the waistband. Gertie advises to use a rectangle, but after sewing everything, I noticed that the waistband was gaping at the waist. So I had to put the buttons on a bit crooked so it would fit nice and snug.

That being said, I'm really, really happy with this skirt and have worn it several times since. Have you ever sewn something wich is actually very simple, but immediatly became a wardrobe favorite?

Friday, September 6, 2013


I've said it before and I'll say it again: life really can be a pain in the ass. Or perhaps arm is more suited in my situation! During my vacation leave, I was able to catch up with my sewing. I sewed 3 clothingpieces with a 4th already cut and ready to sew. Alas, I haven't been able to blog about it yet. Just think of all the post and pictures I'll need to take when I feel like it: you'll have a ball reading those posts :-)

2 weeks ago, I went geocaching by bike with my Other Half. The sun was shining and we had a wonderful day. Until - on our way back home - I didn't see a small roadblock in time and crashed into it, resulting in a broken arm and several bruises. There definitly is a first for everything - untill then I hadn't broken any bones - although I would rather go without that experience.

Besides being pampered (like not cooking, ironing, getting everything done without lifting a finger) it does has it's downsides: I'm not able to sew! Not one little stitch! I can't even draw patterns or cut fabric! And I was on a roll with the third dress and plans to make my very first pair of pants! Alas, that'll be something for when the plaster comes of. Untill then there won't be a lot of sewing or blogposts, because I have to do everything with my left hand.

So, that's it for today. I'll make sure I'll heal fast and perhaps I'll be able to finally post those blogposts with my recent sewing creations!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Clever Links: July 19th, 2013

It's about time that I shared a couple of interesting tutorials. This time it's all about the stitches and finishings. Enjoy!

When working with lycra or any other kind of fabric, you simply can't escape it: the stretchstitch. If you're just like me, you've put sewing with these kind of fabrics because you thought it would be too difficult. The Sewing Loft will take away all your worries with it's tutorial. From now on you'll know what stitch to use and where you can find it on your machine!

French seams
Sewing clothing isn't a challenge to you anymore, or even seams don't have any secrets for you anymore. But did you ever consider how many different seams there are? No? Well then, let me introduce you to the French Seam: a neat finish without serging that will make your piece look professionally crafted inside and out! Visit Grainline and read all about it in her tutorial!

Undoubtedly I've mentioned these needles before. A twinneedle is something you can't go without when sewing Jerseyfabric or the likes. A Stitching Odyssey had a clear and simple tutorial about how to sew with twinneedles: from using a second bobbin to finishing off. It's worth a try!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Catching Up

Oh my, Oh my, how time flies by! 2 whole weeks have passed since I published my recent post. So far for my goal of posting at least 1 post a week. :-) A busy agenda and the nice weather doesn't really invite one to stay indoors. These last couple of weeks I've been too tired to do anything else than work, make dinner and relax on the couch. At least, during the week. The weekends are filled with cleaning, little outings or shopping for the home.

Last week I finally finished the good version of the blouse. Sewing this blouse isn't a hard thing, even the collar isn't such a pain in the ass. To be honoust it was even easier then before. The only thing I regret about this version is the fabric. I went looking for a cotton with a bit of stretch, but ended up buying cotton with a lot of stretch (lycra). At first I didn't think it would be too much, or that it would require some more patter-adjustments. None the less, they are necessary, but I didn't do them right away. One of these days I'll take the sides in. Another 'flaw' about the fabric I bought is that it's a bit too heavy for the summer. It's more of a winterfabric than something to wear when it's hot outside. But oh well, aside from that I still love it for  winter :-)

The fabric and blouse from my mock-up is the one I find myself in love with for this summer. It's lighweight, fits like a glove. Your choice of fabric really does make a difference when it comes to patterns and fitting. So even though I didn't plan on it, I'll be wearing this mock-up in real life. But since it's such a lightweight cotton with a lot of see-through, I'll have to wear someting like this underneath to keep it modest :-)

As soon as I've taking pictures of the finished blouse, I'll write a detailed post with the changes I made and any comments about the pattern. Untill that time: embrace the sun now that she's finally arrived in our adorable little country!

Monday, June 3, 2013

There's a first for everything

It took me a while to start this project, but I finally dared it because: there's a first time for everything. These last 2 weeks I've been sewing my very first blouse! Even though I really really like the mock-up, I can't wear it in public due to the sheerness of the fabric. Still, I'm really pleased with how this one turned out.
Admit it: Pretty, isn't it? When I showed it to my father last weekend, he thought I bought a new one. Compliments don't come any bigger! More details about the pattern and it's adjustments will follow as soon as I've made a 'real' blouse. But I was sooo proud that I just had to share this with you!  :D

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A little cardigan for a dress

Like I mentioned yesterday, I've been busy whilst not blogging. One of my newest finished profects is this cardigan. Originally it was at least 15 cm (6") longer, but I changed that. De reason for changing it is that I bought this cardigan with it's sole purpose to be worn with dresses. Unfortunately it just didn't suit the dresses. It looked like the dress suddenly poofed from beneath, instead of a smooth transition. So that's why I decided to crop it a bit. Now its soooo much better than the original! By the way: this was my first time with sewing knits. It isn't that hard after all, especially when you have the opportunity to finish the seams with an overlocker. Just put a stretchneedle on your machine, choose a stretchstitch and voila, that's it!

The second cardigan - some model, different color - will also be alterred, same way as it's lighter version: I'll cut about 15 cm (6") out between the bottom and buste (that way I can use that nice finished bottom), take it 1,5cm (1/2") in at the waist [6 cm (2 3/8") in total], tapering to 0 right below the armpit. 

Conclusion? A simpel but oh-so-necessary project!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Clever links: May 21st, 2013

Pfoe, time really does fly by! Appaerently it's been two weeks since I last posted somthing on the blog! I know, shame on me. Since we moved, my days seem to be 'fuller' with everything: cooking, cleaning, relaxing, sewing, blogging, ... Before you know it, a couple of weeks have past. In those weeks I didn't slow down and sat back. No-sir-ee. There are several projects waiting to be finished, a new project itching to be sewed, 2 projects to blog about and 1 tried-and-true pattern to get a little more 'cake' and a little less 'frosting' in my closet.

But today I've got a couple of links you might find useful, fun or interesting. Keep on reading to know wich ones!

Crash Course in dartmoving
This tutorial really is something useful! If you asked me, you NEED to print these out and put them beside you when you're alterring a pattern. It shows you what happens when you move a dart, create an extra or eliminate them! You can find everything on Tatterdemalion's Tutorial.

Originally I wanted to post yet another tutorial of  Tatterdemalion considering Yokes. But she has a lot of great tutorials, so I decided to link all her tutorials! If you're busy adjusting a pattern or making one from scratch, these should help you along the way!  Yokes and darts, Moving Darts, Moving darts to the side seams.

I have already dedicated numerous post on zippers. Perhaps that's because I find them one of the most diffficult things to sew. I really - REALLY - do not like sewing zippers. Alas, I can't live without zippers, especially with all those dresses I like. So, to highlight the zippers and all it's tutorials, I've got a few more:  Centered zipper, Lapped zipper, Invisible zipper.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Make your own furniture cover

Here it is: the tutorial for making your very own furniture cover! Since I didn't take pictures while sewing the side table cover, I made a few drawings to help you visualize the instructions. Sewing this cover isn't hard or time-consuming: you'll be able to draft and sew this in one evening. Keep on reading to know how!

Step 1
Measures your furniture: depth/length (a), width (b) and height (c). These are all the measurements you"ll need, unless one of the sides is smaller or larger than the opossite side. Than I would measures those too. Don't forget to add at least a 1cm (3/8") seam allowance (1,5 cm aka 5/8" is perhaps even better).
(a) = 45 cm + 1 cm
(b) = 45 cm + 1 cm
(c) = 55 cm + 1 cm

Stap 2
My side table has 1 topsurface and 4 sides with the same dimensions. So I need 1 topfabric and 4 sidefabrics. For the top: use your measurements for (a) and (b). In my case, these are the same, so I have a square that measures 46cm x 46cm (fig. 1). Cut out once.
For the sidepanels you need the measurements for (b) and (c). In my example this gives a rectangle that measures 56cm x 56cm (fig. 2). Since I have 4 sides, I need to cut this out 4 times.

Stap 3
Sew the rectangles (fig.2) to the square (fig. 1) with the 46cm-sides (b) nicely aligned.

Stap 4
Sew the sides to each other. In the picture I gave the corresponding sides a color so you'll now wich sides to sew together. For the best results, you should start sewing at the bottom. When you get to the top, slow down a bit. This way you can manoeuvre the fabric around a bit to get a neat corner. Trim these corner afterwards so they don't bulk.

Stap 5
It's time for our final step: the hemming. Finish the edge with a zigzag or your overlocker. Iron the hem 1cm on the inside and sew.

Voila! Your cover is ready to use!

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Weekend Project

It took a little while, but we're finally getting used to living together and such. That means that I have more time to sew. Yay! There are numerous project waiting to be sewn, but for now, I'll just stick to sewing for the home.

So the day before yesterday I finished the first one of my projects: a cover for our side table. An easy and quick project with a big impact. Do you want to make your very own cover for any kind of furniture? Today's your lucky day! I made a little tutorial. Check back in a day or two to get it!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mad Men Challenge Finished

As you all know by now, I entered the Mad Men Challenge. I always adored Joan's green dress, but due to lack of time (moving and such), I decided to sew an other dress. One wich I already made twice and knew would fit. That saved me some time that I didn't have at that moment.
To be honest: the challenge wasn't the only reason to sew this dress. Moving made me realise that I don't have enough dresses and skirts. Time to change that. Aside from that, I also wanted some dresses I could wear with my petticoats. Because I did have petticoats, but no dresses to wear them with. It's my own fault: I shouldn't have donated the dresses I thought I didn't wear anymore. Because as it turns out: I do now! Oh well, just another excuse to sew :)
Back to the dress for the challenge. I used V8766 again, like I did for these two dresses. I really like the pattern: it's not hard and comes together easily. Ideal for a project like this. I kept the alterations i made before, but removed an extra 3cm on both sides of the center back; running to 0 just across the hip-line. Before I made these changes, it looked like my back was swimming in my dress, and I didn't really like that.

This time I omitted the lining, but underlined the buste because of the sheerness of the fabric. I didn't do this for the skirt because it's meant to be worn with petticoats.

There were a few pictures of Mad Men that contibuted to the inspiration for the dress. These next two are the most important ones. On the picture of the finished dress, it's not very visible, but the dress has a gold shine, quiet simular to this dress. I got my inspiration for the cut of the dress from the left dress and the flower motif from the right dress of this picture.

Pattern inspiration: left dress
Flower inspiration: right dress

Color inspiration


Friday, April 19, 2013

Clever Links: April 19, 2013

With moving into our appartment, getting used to my own household and the Mad Men Challenge, it's been a while since I kept you up-to-date about what you can find on the internet. It's about time that changed!

For starters, there is this really amazing tutorial from C&C. I have no doubt you can relate with the following: You're shopping for a new pair of pants and while fitting, everything fits perfectly. Everything, except one thing: you can barely close it! The waistband isn't wide enough or doensn't flex enough! In the future, this won't be a problem anymore, as long as you follow Cotton&Curls' instructions!

Tailer's Knot
Portia from Miss P. has a simple and really useful tip for finishing darts. If you're like me, you usually just snip the ends of and leave it like that, with the risk of unraveling the dart(s). From now on, you'll never do that again, because you've read Portia's tutorial and don't know how you never came up with this idea!

V-neck with facings
Lastly I've got a tip on how to sew that tip of your V-neck like a pro. The Fashion Incubator shows you 2 ways to do this. Don't hesitate, read and sew!
Miss P.
Fashion Incubator

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Yesssssss! Finally the time is near for moving-day! Just one more week and I'll be hoaling boxes and furniture. To prepare myself, I've been putting all of my stuff in boxes. Yesterday was - sadly enough - the day I put all of my sewing equipment in boxes. And by all, I mean everything: fabric, vlieseline, sashes, needles, ... There was no escaping it. This means that I won't be able to compete with the Mad Men Challenge. The time limit is april 17 and that is just after our moving-day. Since I don't feel like sewing like a lunatic to get everything done in time for the Mad Men Challenge, I won't be in time to enter the contest. However, I'll still sew the dress, after I did some domestic sewing.

The first thing on my To-Do-list are some pillowcases for our table chairs. I already drafted the pattern and cut out the muslin. All I have to do, as soon as we've moved, is to sew the muslin, see if it fits and make a couple more.

Moving-day is also the reason why it's been so quiet on the blog. Because moving is all I can think about at the moment - I even get distracted at work everytime I hear the movingdate - I've been neglecting knitting, sewing and blogging. It's about time that we get this show on the road so I can start focussing on the normal, everyday things of life, instead of planning!
But untill that day, I just have one more thing to say: Happy Easter to you all! Enjoy those (chocolate) eggs!  :-)

Friday, March 22, 2013

A small announcement

Google is closing Google Reader as of July 2013. For those who still want to follow me, you can find me on Bloglovin as of today. :-)

Monday, March 18, 2013


In my miniseries about inspiration for interior decoration, I shared my pinspiration 3 times with you (one, two en three)

Today I've got a few architectural and decoration pins to share. Most of these are from Elft BVBA, an interior decorating company from Belgium. Perhaps these are not for our appartment, but who knows. Maybe they'll be inspiration for a future house...
Anyway: enjoy these inspirational images!





Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Oh dear, moving dear is really creeping up on us! Last weekend we noticed that we didn't have a lot of time left to order our furniture and stuff because we're such busy peops. Turns out it worked inspiring. before you could say 'Ikea-store' we were there. It took us a couple of hours, but eventually we choose all of our big furniture. You know, the furniture you need a truck for to move. Coming weekend, we'll go back to Ikea, look a little bit more and place our order. If everything goes as planned, we'll be able to assemble the furniture in April.

Curious about what we chose? Great, here are my favorites lined up. But beware: the choice for our furniture wasn't easy! Especially the color of the cabinets and bookcases (we had a bit of a discussion) and the wardrobe (those damned dimensions!) were our biggest issues. Apart from that we didn't have any problems picking furniture. My favourite part was choosing our matras: finally we were able to give those legs some rest!

I just adore this buffet! I think this must be my most favourite piece of furniture by far in our living room. We eventually chose a dark color because the floor is really light of color. But not all of our furniture will be this dark :-)
Ikea Stornäs Buffet
To compensate the dark closets and cabinets, there are a table and chairs in a midbrown oak-color. Besides that, there is our - my second favourite - slightly lighter couch. I know, A stylegoeroe would say we are sinners: the couch should be the darkest piece of furniture in your room. Well, rules are made to be broken - some of them, at least - and this one is one of them!
Ikea Tidafors Couch
My Top 3 is comleted by a small piece of furniture: our bedside tables! If you just look at it, it seems to be just a solid block with a glass inset. But there is a storage and the most awesome drawer ever inside. Ikea doesn't have any pictures of the inside, so I can't show you the awesome drawer, but believe me, it's awesome! (I know, there are lots of 'awesome's in that sentence, but hey, you can't hide the truth!)
Ikea Nyvoll Bedside Table

Do you guys have any favourite items from Ikea? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Clever links: March 5, 2013

Today I've got some useful and interesting tips and tricks for you. They're all themed around the finish of a garment. Really useful and easy to accomplish!

Until recently I always used something pointy to get the tip of a collar flat and sharp. Those tips were never really crisp or well defined. Starting today I won't have that problem ever again, thanks to Pamela's instructions!

Sewing direction
On one of my searches, I came across this tutorial from Gorgeous Fabric's Blog. Have you ever wonderd why one side of your garment lines up perfectly, but when you sew the opposite sides together, there's a difference from 5/8"? This lady explains why: it all depends on you're sewing direction! Curious? Check out the tutorial!
'Fork Pleating'
Always wanted to make really well defined pleats? Thanks to Starlight Masquerade you'll be able to do this in no time! How? Simple: just us a fork!

Matching Stripes
A little while ago I posted a tip from Sewaholic about matching stripes. And believe it or not, I found an even better one! With this technique you're able to see if the plaids or stripes match while you're sewing! Sherry from Pattern, Scissers, Cloth shares her knowledge with us, so go and take a look!

Collar - Off The Cuff
Sewing Direction - Gorgeous Fabric's Blog
Fork Pleating - Starlight Masquerade
Matching Stripes - Pattern, Scissors, Cloth
Matching Stripes - Sewaholic

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mad Men Challenge

Perhaps you already noticed the little sidebar on the right, but I entered the second  Mad Men Challenge! This means you make an ensemble or dress based on the series Mas Men. The deadline for entering your finished dress is April 17, 2013. As soon as I saw this challenge on the internet, I knew this was something for me. Yesterday I told you that I wouldn't be sewing these next few weeks, but plans changed! Totally inspired to sew something, I roamed the world wide web searching for an inspiration dress. And I did find inspiration. I'm more inspired than I should be: I can't choose between 2 dresses. I even have the pattern, or a pattern that's close enough!
Now, there is this green dress from Joan. As a matter of fact, I happen to have THE EXACT SAME pattern in my stash! I didn't know the pattern was from Mad Men, but as soon as I saw that Gertie made another dress for Butterick, I went over to check it out and fell in love. I just had to have this pattern - even though I'm not totally sure the sash'll work for me.

Middle dress = inspiration
Green dress on the left = inspiration
The pattern
The second dress is actually more of an inspired-dress than a copy-cat-dress. When I was scrolling through the images, I noticed something. Most of Joan's dresses were wiggle dresses. A simple pattern with a lot of potential. As it happens, I also have a basic wiggle dress in my stash. And yet again it's a pattern from Gertie!

Inspiration wiggle dress 1
Inspiration wiggle dress 2
Red dress on the right = inspiration wiggle dress 3
Gertie's wiggle dress
Oh, and I chose a dress from Joan because she's the figure closest to mine. I have no doubt that she's wearing a corset in these pictures, so I'll just have to 'suck-it-up' :-)

Soooo, wich dress should I make? The dress with the sash or the basic wiggle dress?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ribbed Socks

Ok, ok. Technically this isn't sewing, but it's still creating something. This one I made out of a single thread instead of a cloth. None the less, a new 'garment' was born! So, even though it isn't really sewing related, I think that it's worth mentioning. If you're here looking for something I sewed: last week I made 2 dresses. But one is at my Other Half's home and the other is with my sister's other half. So untill I can get some decent pictures from it, you won't see it here.

Oh, and I have a confession to make: the really cold winter months are back. After sewing for 3 years I noticed that I don't sew as much during the winter as I do when it's summer. Instead, I turn to knitting. Simply because my sewing-/junkroom hasn't got a heater. Also, because we'll be moving this april I doubt that I'll be sewing that much these next few weeks. Sometimes life just gets in your way :-)

So: my new socks. Recently I showed you my very first knitted pair of socks. I made a second pair and plan to make a third one (yellow, I'm telling you: Yellow!). I used Glenna C.'s A Nice Ribbed Sock. Instead of using 3 double pointed needles (DPN), I knitted with circular needles, EU size 3. Much easier that DPN and less fiddling around, if you ask me!

Oh, and for those interested: you can read everything about in on my Ravelry page.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Clever Links: february 19, 2013

Originally this post was meant to air almost a month ago. Due to someone forgetting to publice it, that never happened. So without further delay:

Luckily there's always something like Pinterest and I was able to regroup part of my Clever Links links - that I lost last time.

For starters I've found this really, really, REALLY handy tip on how to make your own biais-binding out of tricot. No more sides rolling to the inside and instandly you'll have the correct and exactly the same width. What do you need? Masking tape and fabric scissors! That's it! Wonderful, isn't it? Go and check it out at Miss P's. You'll have to scroll down a bit, but it's there.

Draped Collar
Have you ever wonderd how you could make a draped collar out of an ordinary one? Like before's link, this one isn't hard to figure out. You'll be suprised that you didn't think of it yourself! Just reed Eva's tutorial and before you'll know it, your very first selfdrafted draped collar is a fact. Really simple and it makes such a difference!

Fabric covered buttons
This handy tutorial shows you how you can put fabric on a button without the help of a buttonset. I don't know about you, but I don't owe such a thing and this is a way to bypass buying one and still having fabric covered buttons! It's also a great way to get rid of those extra bits of scrap fabric! The things you need are simple: fabric (scraps), needle and thread.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Good news! The househunt is over. We found our apartment and it's gourgeous! On to the next challenge: decoration our new place. With the rooms clear in mind, you'ld think that decorating will be a piece of cake. It is, but on the other hand it isn't. It's hard to decorate because I don't want to overdue it, but there aree so many cute ideas to be found on the internet. All of wich I want to try. Instead of keeping all that inspiration for myself, I'm sharing my favorites with you.

PS: I've been a bit obsessed with keeping the new place clean, so be warned! there are a number of cleaning-pins too!

Pinterest - Tufted 'table'

Pinterest - Make your whites white again

Pinterest - Linnen closet organisation

Pinterest - How to clean your oven

Pinterest - First home

Friday, February 8, 2013

Catching up

Life can get away with you: househunting, work, events, holidays, ... These last couple of weeks were full of them. I didn't spend much time on the internet for my leisure, let alone to write a blogpost. Today I decided I had enough of it. I wanted to write something, so I downloaden the Blogger-app. Now I can post something everywhere: on the bus, train, car, on a holiday, ... whenever I feel like it. These mobile posts won't be very long, or at least, I think they won't be, but none the less they'll have something to enlighten you.

I don't really have something sewingrelated to share with you. In january there hasn't been a lot of sewing, just some much needed repairs and nothing more. Instead, I started knitting. And I can't knit as fast as I can sew. Nobody can, I believe. So far, I've finished 1 pair of socks and am halfwag thru the next pair. Nice, warm socks for walking around the house :-)

Aside from knitting and househunting, I went to Brussels with my OH. Originally we were just going to the 'holidaysalon'. That's an event where travel agencies try to promote there holidays and sell them to you. We went for information and ideas. As soon as it got too crowded, we left. Untill then, I never visited the Atomium - something every Belgian has to do, since the Atomium is one of Belgium's best known symbols. Because we had time to spare, we decided to visit the Atomium. I have to say that the outside is impressive, but the inside dissappointed me a bit. It's a bit less.... shiny. The view from the top sfere is stunning. You can see the Palace Gardens, the Palace, Brussels Expo, ... It was definatly worth it! I even remembered to take (mobile) pictures, even though I didn't have my camera with me.
The Atomiumspheres
Inside the elevator on our way to the top sphere.
A stairway to another sphere.
View at Brussels Expo from the top Sphere.