Thursday, January 24, 2013


It's winter. A real winter. With snow, temperatures from -5°C 'till -10°C, fun with snow and traffic troubles. With these temperatures it's a bit difficult to sew. You have to know that the room I call my sewing room is actually a spare room without a heater. Mostly it's used for storage (and sewing). But because there's no heater, it can get really cold in this kind of weather! So, when it's too cold to sew, I find myself knitting instead!

Even though I haven't mentioned it yet, I recently knitted a cardigan. I used this pattern without any alterations (my knitting-skills aren't that good, yet). I used a cotton-yarn that was bright orange. A bit too bright, if you ask me. So, I decided to dye it a bit darker, but still orange. In total I used about 8 skeins of 50 grams.

Speaking of knitting: I tried my hand again at knitting socks. Last winter I was brave enough to try it with DPN's (Double Pointed Needle). But knitting with 5 needles isn't easy: the needles slid out of the stitches, you can't knit comfortably because there are needles everywhere, ... Like I said: not easy! It didn't take me long to just abandon the idea of knitting socks and discarted the project. That was until a few days ago. I read this post from Tasia about the socks she knitted as a gift to her mother. When I replied that I tried to knit socks once, but found it too hard, she adviced me a pattern and site to try out. Boy, am I glad she did! This technique is soooo easy! It only took me about 6 hours (3 nights) to knit one sock. 6 hours may sound a lot - especially if you're used to sewing - but actually, that's not too bad if you keep in mind that I just learned this technique and am not used to it yet. As soon as I finish sock n°2, I can wear them around the house :-)

For those who want to follow my experiences with knitting in detail: from now on, you can find me on This is a site (you could compare it a bit with blogger, without it being a blog) where you can find knit- and chrochetproject from people all over the world. Definatly worth to take a look!

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