Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mad Men Challenge

Perhaps you already noticed the little sidebar on the right, but I entered the second  Mad Men Challenge! This means you make an ensemble or dress based on the series Mas Men. The deadline for entering your finished dress is April 17, 2013. As soon as I saw this challenge on the internet, I knew this was something for me. Yesterday I told you that I wouldn't be sewing these next few weeks, but plans changed! Totally inspired to sew something, I roamed the world wide web searching for an inspiration dress. And I did find inspiration. I'm more inspired than I should be: I can't choose between 2 dresses. I even have the pattern, or a pattern that's close enough!
Now, there is this green dress from Joan. As a matter of fact, I happen to have THE EXACT SAME pattern in my stash! I didn't know the pattern was from Mad Men, but as soon as I saw that Gertie made another dress for Butterick, I went over to check it out and fell in love. I just had to have this pattern - even though I'm not totally sure the sash'll work for me.

Middle dress = inspiration
Green dress on the left = inspiration
The pattern
The second dress is actually more of an inspired-dress than a copy-cat-dress. When I was scrolling through the images, I noticed something. Most of Joan's dresses were wiggle dresses. A simple pattern with a lot of potential. As it happens, I also have a basic wiggle dress in my stash. And yet again it's a pattern from Gertie!

Inspiration wiggle dress 1
Inspiration wiggle dress 2
Red dress on the right = inspiration wiggle dress 3
Gertie's wiggle dress
Oh, and I chose a dress from Joan because she's the figure closest to mine. I have no doubt that she's wearing a corset in these pictures, so I'll just have to 'suck-it-up' :-)

Soooo, wich dress should I make? The dress with the sash or the basic wiggle dress?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ribbed Socks

Ok, ok. Technically this isn't sewing, but it's still creating something. This one I made out of a single thread instead of a cloth. None the less, a new 'garment' was born! So, even though it isn't really sewing related, I think that it's worth mentioning. If you're here looking for something I sewed: last week I made 2 dresses. But one is at my Other Half's home and the other is with my sister's other half. So untill I can get some decent pictures from it, you won't see it here.

Oh, and I have a confession to make: the really cold winter months are back. After sewing for 3 years I noticed that I don't sew as much during the winter as I do when it's summer. Instead, I turn to knitting. Simply because my sewing-/junkroom hasn't got a heater. Also, because we'll be moving this april I doubt that I'll be sewing that much these next few weeks. Sometimes life just gets in your way :-)

So: my new socks. Recently I showed you my very first knitted pair of socks. I made a second pair and plan to make a third one (yellow, I'm telling you: Yellow!). I used Glenna C.'s A Nice Ribbed Sock. Instead of using 3 double pointed needles (DPN), I knitted with circular needles, EU size 3. Much easier that DPN and less fiddling around, if you ask me!

Oh, and for those interested: you can read everything about in on my Ravelry page.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Clever Links: february 19, 2013

Originally this post was meant to air almost a month ago. Due to someone forgetting to publice it, that never happened. So without further delay:

Luckily there's always something like Pinterest and I was able to regroup part of my Clever Links links - that I lost last time.

For starters I've found this really, really, REALLY handy tip on how to make your own biais-binding out of tricot. No more sides rolling to the inside and instandly you'll have the correct and exactly the same width. What do you need? Masking tape and fabric scissors! That's it! Wonderful, isn't it? Go and check it out at Miss P's. You'll have to scroll down a bit, but it's there.

Draped Collar
Have you ever wonderd how you could make a draped collar out of an ordinary one? Like before's link, this one isn't hard to figure out. You'll be suprised that you didn't think of it yourself! Just reed Eva's tutorial and before you'll know it, your very first selfdrafted draped collar is a fact. Really simple and it makes such a difference!

Fabric covered buttons
This handy tutorial shows you how you can put fabric on a button without the help of a buttonset. I don't know about you, but I don't owe such a thing and this is a way to bypass buying one and still having fabric covered buttons! It's also a great way to get rid of those extra bits of scrap fabric! The things you need are simple: fabric (scraps), needle and thread.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Good news! The househunt is over. We found our apartment and it's gourgeous! On to the next challenge: decoration our new place. With the rooms clear in mind, you'ld think that decorating will be a piece of cake. It is, but on the other hand it isn't. It's hard to decorate because I don't want to overdue it, but there aree so many cute ideas to be found on the internet. All of wich I want to try. Instead of keeping all that inspiration for myself, I'm sharing my favorites with you.

PS: I've been a bit obsessed with keeping the new place clean, so be warned! there are a number of cleaning-pins too!

Pinterest - Tufted 'table'

Pinterest - Make your whites white again

Pinterest - Linnen closet organisation

Pinterest - How to clean your oven

Pinterest - First home

Friday, February 8, 2013

Catching up

Life can get away with you: househunting, work, events, holidays, ... These last couple of weeks were full of them. I didn't spend much time on the internet for my leisure, let alone to write a blogpost. Today I decided I had enough of it. I wanted to write something, so I downloaden the Blogger-app. Now I can post something everywhere: on the bus, train, car, on a holiday, ... whenever I feel like it. These mobile posts won't be very long, or at least, I think they won't be, but none the less they'll have something to enlighten you.

I don't really have something sewingrelated to share with you. In january there hasn't been a lot of sewing, just some much needed repairs and nothing more. Instead, I started knitting. And I can't knit as fast as I can sew. Nobody can, I believe. So far, I've finished 1 pair of socks and am halfwag thru the next pair. Nice, warm socks for walking around the house :-)

Aside from knitting and househunting, I went to Brussels with my OH. Originally we were just going to the 'holidaysalon'. That's an event where travel agencies try to promote there holidays and sell them to you. We went for information and ideas. As soon as it got too crowded, we left. Untill then, I never visited the Atomium - something every Belgian has to do, since the Atomium is one of Belgium's best known symbols. Because we had time to spare, we decided to visit the Atomium. I have to say that the outside is impressive, but the inside dissappointed me a bit. It's a bit less.... shiny. The view from the top sfere is stunning. You can see the Palace Gardens, the Palace, Brussels Expo, ... It was definatly worth it! I even remembered to take (mobile) pictures, even though I didn't have my camera with me.
The Atomiumspheres
Inside the elevator on our way to the top sphere.
A stairway to another sphere.
View at Brussels Expo from the top Sphere.