Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mad Men Challenge

Perhaps you already noticed the little sidebar on the right, but I entered the second  Mad Men Challenge! This means you make an ensemble or dress based on the series Mas Men. The deadline for entering your finished dress is April 17, 2013. As soon as I saw this challenge on the internet, I knew this was something for me. Yesterday I told you that I wouldn't be sewing these next few weeks, but plans changed! Totally inspired to sew something, I roamed the world wide web searching for an inspiration dress. And I did find inspiration. I'm more inspired than I should be: I can't choose between 2 dresses. I even have the pattern, or a pattern that's close enough!
Now, there is this green dress from Joan. As a matter of fact, I happen to have THE EXACT SAME pattern in my stash! I didn't know the pattern was from Mad Men, but as soon as I saw that Gertie made another dress for Butterick, I went over to check it out and fell in love. I just had to have this pattern - even though I'm not totally sure the sash'll work for me.

Middle dress = inspiration
Green dress on the left = inspiration
The pattern
The second dress is actually more of an inspired-dress than a copy-cat-dress. When I was scrolling through the images, I noticed something. Most of Joan's dresses were wiggle dresses. A simple pattern with a lot of potential. As it happens, I also have a basic wiggle dress in my stash. And yet again it's a pattern from Gertie!

Inspiration wiggle dress 1
Inspiration wiggle dress 2
Red dress on the right = inspiration wiggle dress 3
Gertie's wiggle dress
Oh, and I chose a dress from Joan because she's the figure closest to mine. I have no doubt that she's wearing a corset in these pictures, so I'll just have to 'suck-it-up' :-)

Soooo, wich dress should I make? The dress with the sash or the basic wiggle dress?


  1. I love both of them...but I'd say go for the's a little more fun!
    I'm thinking about joining the challenge...but I'm not sure if I'm going to find the time to add it to my sewing list!

    Natasha ~

    1. You can always try to enter :-) If you don't make it in time, you'll always have something to work on.

      And I'm sewing the first one. I hope to get the muslin done this weekend. I'll keep everyone posted!

  2. Hello Allynara:) Stumbled across your sweet blog while searching for inspiration for the MadMen challenge. We have a similar taste:) I already made the wiggle dress from Gertie's book, and wrote a review, you are welcome to take a look ( I have an itch to make the green dress now.. Would love to see your progress too. Keep in touch!

    1. Hi Milena

      I just looked at your version of Gerties Wiggle Dress and it looks devine! I'll post my progress on the blog as soon as I have made some. The move is taking all my time for now, but I hope I can start sewing like a 'Mad Men' in about a week. Thanks for joinning!