Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Clever links: March 5, 2013

Today I've got some useful and interesting tips and tricks for you. They're all themed around the finish of a garment. Really useful and easy to accomplish!

Until recently I always used something pointy to get the tip of a collar flat and sharp. Those tips were never really crisp or well defined. Starting today I won't have that problem ever again, thanks to Pamela's instructions!

Sewing direction
On one of my searches, I came across this tutorial from Gorgeous Fabric's Blog. Have you ever wonderd why one side of your garment lines up perfectly, but when you sew the opposite sides together, there's a difference from 5/8"? This lady explains why: it all depends on you're sewing direction! Curious? Check out the tutorial!
'Fork Pleating'
Always wanted to make really well defined pleats? Thanks to Starlight Masquerade you'll be able to do this in no time! How? Simple: just us a fork!

Matching Stripes
A little while ago I posted a tip from Sewaholic about matching stripes. And believe it or not, I found an even better one! With this technique you're able to see if the plaids or stripes match while you're sewing! Sherry from Pattern, Scissers, Cloth shares her knowledge with us, so go and take a look!

Collar - Off The Cuff
Sewing Direction - Gorgeous Fabric's Blog
Fork Pleating - Starlight Masquerade
Matching Stripes - Pattern, Scissors, Cloth
Matching Stripes - Sewaholic

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