Friday, April 19, 2013

Clever Links: April 19, 2013

With moving into our appartment, getting used to my own household and the Mad Men Challenge, it's been a while since I kept you up-to-date about what you can find on the internet. It's about time that changed!

For starters, there is this really amazing tutorial from C&C. I have no doubt you can relate with the following: You're shopping for a new pair of pants and while fitting, everything fits perfectly. Everything, except one thing: you can barely close it! The waistband isn't wide enough or doensn't flex enough! In the future, this won't be a problem anymore, as long as you follow Cotton&Curls' instructions!

Tailer's Knot
Portia from Miss P. has a simple and really useful tip for finishing darts. If you're like me, you usually just snip the ends of and leave it like that, with the risk of unraveling the dart(s). From now on, you'll never do that again, because you've read Portia's tutorial and don't know how you never came up with this idea!

V-neck with facings
Lastly I've got a tip on how to sew that tip of your V-neck like a pro. The Fashion Incubator shows you 2 ways to do this. Don't hesitate, read and sew!
Miss P.
Fashion Incubator

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