Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mad Men Challenge Finished

As you all know by now, I entered the Mad Men Challenge. I always adored Joan's green dress, but due to lack of time (moving and such), I decided to sew an other dress. One wich I already made twice and knew would fit. That saved me some time that I didn't have at that moment.
To be honest: the challenge wasn't the only reason to sew this dress. Moving made me realise that I don't have enough dresses and skirts. Time to change that. Aside from that, I also wanted some dresses I could wear with my petticoats. Because I did have petticoats, but no dresses to wear them with. It's my own fault: I shouldn't have donated the dresses I thought I didn't wear anymore. Because as it turns out: I do now! Oh well, just another excuse to sew :)
Back to the dress for the challenge. I used V8766 again, like I did for these two dresses. I really like the pattern: it's not hard and comes together easily. Ideal for a project like this. I kept the alterations i made before, but removed an extra 3cm on both sides of the center back; running to 0 just across the hip-line. Before I made these changes, it looked like my back was swimming in my dress, and I didn't really like that.

This time I omitted the lining, but underlined the buste because of the sheerness of the fabric. I didn't do this for the skirt because it's meant to be worn with petticoats.

There were a few pictures of Mad Men that contibuted to the inspiration for the dress. These next two are the most important ones. On the picture of the finished dress, it's not very visible, but the dress has a gold shine, quiet simular to this dress. I got my inspiration for the cut of the dress from the left dress and the flower motif from the right dress of this picture.

Pattern inspiration: left dress
Flower inspiration: right dress

Color inspiration


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