Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Yesssssss! Finally the time is near for moving-day! Just one more week and I'll be hoaling boxes and furniture. To prepare myself, I've been putting all of my stuff in boxes. Yesterday was - sadly enough - the day I put all of my sewing equipment in boxes. And by all, I mean everything: fabric, vlieseline, sashes, needles, ... There was no escaping it. This means that I won't be able to compete with the Mad Men Challenge. The time limit is april 17 and that is just after our moving-day. Since I don't feel like sewing like a lunatic to get everything done in time for the Mad Men Challenge, I won't be in time to enter the contest. However, I'll still sew the dress, after I did some domestic sewing.

The first thing on my To-Do-list are some pillowcases for our table chairs. I already drafted the pattern and cut out the muslin. All I have to do, as soon as we've moved, is to sew the muslin, see if it fits and make a couple more.

Moving-day is also the reason why it's been so quiet on the blog. Because moving is all I can think about at the moment - I even get distracted at work everytime I hear the movingdate - I've been neglecting knitting, sewing and blogging. It's about time that we get this show on the road so I can start focussing on the normal, everyday things of life, instead of planning!
But untill that day, I just have one more thing to say: Happy Easter to you all! Enjoy those (chocolate) eggs!  :-)

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