Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A little cardigan for a dress

Like I mentioned yesterday, I've been busy whilst not blogging. One of my newest finished profects is this cardigan. Originally it was at least 15 cm (6") longer, but I changed that. De reason for changing it is that I bought this cardigan with it's sole purpose to be worn with dresses. Unfortunately it just didn't suit the dresses. It looked like the dress suddenly poofed from beneath, instead of a smooth transition. So that's why I decided to crop it a bit. Now its soooo much better than the original! By the way: this was my first time with sewing knits. It isn't that hard after all, especially when you have the opportunity to finish the seams with an overlocker. Just put a stretchneedle on your machine, choose a stretchstitch and voila, that's it!

The second cardigan - some model, different color - will also be alterred, same way as it's lighter version: I'll cut about 15 cm (6") out between the bottom and buste (that way I can use that nice finished bottom), take it 1,5cm (1/2") in at the waist [6 cm (2 3/8") in total], tapering to 0 right below the armpit. 

Conclusion? A simpel but oh-so-necessary project!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Clever links: May 21st, 2013

Pfoe, time really does fly by! Appaerently it's been two weeks since I last posted somthing on the blog! I know, shame on me. Since we moved, my days seem to be 'fuller' with everything: cooking, cleaning, relaxing, sewing, blogging, ... Before you know it, a couple of weeks have past. In those weeks I didn't slow down and sat back. No-sir-ee. There are several projects waiting to be finished, a new project itching to be sewed, 2 projects to blog about and 1 tried-and-true pattern to get a little more 'cake' and a little less 'frosting' in my closet.

But today I've got a couple of links you might find useful, fun or interesting. Keep on reading to know wich ones!

Crash Course in dartmoving
This tutorial really is something useful! If you asked me, you NEED to print these out and put them beside you when you're alterring a pattern. It shows you what happens when you move a dart, create an extra or eliminate them! You can find everything on Tatterdemalion's Tutorial.

Originally I wanted to post yet another tutorial of  Tatterdemalion considering Yokes. But she has a lot of great tutorials, so I decided to link all her tutorials! If you're busy adjusting a pattern or making one from scratch, these should help you along the way!  Yokes and darts, Moving Darts, Moving darts to the side seams.

I have already dedicated numerous post on zippers. Perhaps that's because I find them one of the most diffficult things to sew. I really - REALLY - do not like sewing zippers. Alas, I can't live without zippers, especially with all those dresses I like. So, to highlight the zippers and all it's tutorials, I've got a few more:  Centered zipper, Lapped zipper, Invisible zipper.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Make your own furniture cover

Here it is: the tutorial for making your very own furniture cover! Since I didn't take pictures while sewing the side table cover, I made a few drawings to help you visualize the instructions. Sewing this cover isn't hard or time-consuming: you'll be able to draft and sew this in one evening. Keep on reading to know how!

Step 1
Measures your furniture: depth/length (a), width (b) and height (c). These are all the measurements you"ll need, unless one of the sides is smaller or larger than the opossite side. Than I would measures those too. Don't forget to add at least a 1cm (3/8") seam allowance (1,5 cm aka 5/8" is perhaps even better).
(a) = 45 cm + 1 cm
(b) = 45 cm + 1 cm
(c) = 55 cm + 1 cm

Stap 2
My side table has 1 topsurface and 4 sides with the same dimensions. So I need 1 topfabric and 4 sidefabrics. For the top: use your measurements for (a) and (b). In my case, these are the same, so I have a square that measures 46cm x 46cm (fig. 1). Cut out once.
For the sidepanels you need the measurements for (b) and (c). In my example this gives a rectangle that measures 56cm x 56cm (fig. 2). Since I have 4 sides, I need to cut this out 4 times.

Stap 3
Sew the rectangles (fig.2) to the square (fig. 1) with the 46cm-sides (b) nicely aligned.

Stap 4
Sew the sides to each other. In the picture I gave the corresponding sides a color so you'll now wich sides to sew together. For the best results, you should start sewing at the bottom. When you get to the top, slow down a bit. This way you can manoeuvre the fabric around a bit to get a neat corner. Trim these corner afterwards so they don't bulk.

Stap 5
It's time for our final step: the hemming. Finish the edge with a zigzag or your overlocker. Iron the hem 1cm on the inside and sew.

Voila! Your cover is ready to use!

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Weekend Project

It took a little while, but we're finally getting used to living together and such. That means that I have more time to sew. Yay! There are numerous project waiting to be sewn, but for now, I'll just stick to sewing for the home.

So the day before yesterday I finished the first one of my projects: a cover for our side table. An easy and quick project with a big impact. Do you want to make your very own cover for any kind of furniture? Today's your lucky day! I made a little tutorial. Check back in a day or two to get it!