Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Clever links: May 21st, 2013

Pfoe, time really does fly by! Appaerently it's been two weeks since I last posted somthing on the blog! I know, shame on me. Since we moved, my days seem to be 'fuller' with everything: cooking, cleaning, relaxing, sewing, blogging, ... Before you know it, a couple of weeks have past. In those weeks I didn't slow down and sat back. No-sir-ee. There are several projects waiting to be finished, a new project itching to be sewed, 2 projects to blog about and 1 tried-and-true pattern to get a little more 'cake' and a little less 'frosting' in my closet.

But today I've got a couple of links you might find useful, fun or interesting. Keep on reading to know wich ones!

Crash Course in dartmoving
This tutorial really is something useful! If you asked me, you NEED to print these out and put them beside you when you're alterring a pattern. It shows you what happens when you move a dart, create an extra or eliminate them! You can find everything on Tatterdemalion's Tutorial.

Originally I wanted to post yet another tutorial of  Tatterdemalion considering Yokes. But she has a lot of great tutorials, so I decided to link all her tutorials! If you're busy adjusting a pattern or making one from scratch, these should help you along the way!  Yokes and darts, Moving Darts, Moving darts to the side seams.

I have already dedicated numerous post on zippers. Perhaps that's because I find them one of the most diffficult things to sew. I really - REALLY - do not like sewing zippers. Alas, I can't live without zippers, especially with all those dresses I like. So, to highlight the zippers and all it's tutorials, I've got a few more:  Centered zipper, Lapped zipper, Invisible zipper.

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