Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Make your own furniture cover

Here it is: the tutorial for making your very own furniture cover! Since I didn't take pictures while sewing the side table cover, I made a few drawings to help you visualize the instructions. Sewing this cover isn't hard or time-consuming: you'll be able to draft and sew this in one evening. Keep on reading to know how!

Step 1
Measures your furniture: depth/length (a), width (b) and height (c). These are all the measurements you"ll need, unless one of the sides is smaller or larger than the opossite side. Than I would measures those too. Don't forget to add at least a 1cm (3/8") seam allowance (1,5 cm aka 5/8" is perhaps even better).
(a) = 45 cm + 1 cm
(b) = 45 cm + 1 cm
(c) = 55 cm + 1 cm

Stap 2
My side table has 1 topsurface and 4 sides with the same dimensions. So I need 1 topfabric and 4 sidefabrics. For the top: use your measurements for (a) and (b). In my case, these are the same, so I have a square that measures 46cm x 46cm (fig. 1). Cut out once.
For the sidepanels you need the measurements for (b) and (c). In my example this gives a rectangle that measures 56cm x 56cm (fig. 2). Since I have 4 sides, I need to cut this out 4 times.

Stap 3
Sew the rectangles (fig.2) to the square (fig. 1) with the 46cm-sides (b) nicely aligned.

Stap 4
Sew the sides to each other. In the picture I gave the corresponding sides a color so you'll now wich sides to sew together. For the best results, you should start sewing at the bottom. When you get to the top, slow down a bit. This way you can manoeuvre the fabric around a bit to get a neat corner. Trim these corner afterwards so they don't bulk.

Stap 5
It's time for our final step: the hemming. Finish the edge with a zigzag or your overlocker. Iron the hem 1cm on the inside and sew.

Voila! Your cover is ready to use!

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