Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Catching Up

Oh my, Oh my, how time flies by! 2 whole weeks have passed since I published my recent post. So far for my goal of posting at least 1 post a week. :-) A busy agenda and the nice weather doesn't really invite one to stay indoors. These last couple of weeks I've been too tired to do anything else than work, make dinner and relax on the couch. At least, during the week. The weekends are filled with cleaning, little outings or shopping for the home.

Last week I finally finished the good version of the blouse. Sewing this blouse isn't a hard thing, even the collar isn't such a pain in the ass. To be honoust it was even easier then before. The only thing I regret about this version is the fabric. I went looking for a cotton with a bit of stretch, but ended up buying cotton with a lot of stretch (lycra). At first I didn't think it would be too much, or that it would require some more patter-adjustments. None the less, they are necessary, but I didn't do them right away. One of these days I'll take the sides in. Another 'flaw' about the fabric I bought is that it's a bit too heavy for the summer. It's more of a winterfabric than something to wear when it's hot outside. But oh well, aside from that I still love it for  winter :-)

The fabric and blouse from my mock-up is the one I find myself in love with for this summer. It's lighweight, fits like a glove. Your choice of fabric really does make a difference when it comes to patterns and fitting. So even though I didn't plan on it, I'll be wearing this mock-up in real life. But since it's such a lightweight cotton with a lot of see-through, I'll have to wear someting like this underneath to keep it modest :-)

As soon as I've taking pictures of the finished blouse, I'll write a detailed post with the changes I made and any comments about the pattern. Untill that time: embrace the sun now that she's finally arrived in our adorable little country!

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