Thursday, January 8, 2015

A new hobby

I've been neglecting to translate my other posts far too long. So let's change that! This one's from february 2014.

It happens every year. The days grow shorter, the warmth of the summer dissappears slowly. With those colder days my hands start itching for something else than sewing: knitting. As of last wednesday another hobby made it's appearences: crochet. Those Granny Squares got my attention a little while ago. 

Crochet was something I never thought I would one day practice. Always wanted to try, but I was too scared, thought of it as 'very hard to do'. Nothing is ever hard when you set your mind to it! The perfect opportunity presented itself when the news came my niece was pregnant. What's more adorable than a wee baby in a little handmade blanket?!

It's not much: just a little blanket in orange and brown, so it doesn't matter what gender the baby is, that's what I was thinking about when choosing those colours. It wasn't untill my sigificant other mentioned it, that I realised what I was crocheting: a baby blanket for Halloween!

So far I finished 25 granny squares for the blanket. I'll need a lot more bedore I can finish it, since I don't want the little cutie too grow out of it immediatly. 

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