Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Golden Sunlight Dress

Nederlandse versie

Monday morning I finished working on another version of the Butterick B5520. I made this dress last year and absolutely loved it. Same with this one. After finishing the first version I noticed that I made the dress a tad too short en the hips a tad too small. It still worked, but the dress isn't always comfortable to wear: sitting down is a bit difficult.That's why - for this dress - I altered the hips a bit and sewed a hem of 1,5 cm instead of 3-4 cm.

The invisible zipper is still something I'm having trouble with. It is truly invisible, except for one little place. Even though I do have an invisible zipperfoot, I'm still struggling with where the top and the bottom meet. Practice makes perfect!

Normally the dress is fully lined. Because the fabric is heavy en thick enough , I decided to leave the lining behind. Instead I made my own facings en simply sewed the hemlines.

The fabric has been lying around my closet for a few years. It's a heavy fabric and it's print and feel reminds me of chinese clothes. Since I've had this fabric for ages, I don't remember what kind of fabric it is, although I think it's some kind of Polyester. The dress will be for a handwash and airdry, because it can't stand the heat and I'm afraid it'll fray in the dryer.

I absolutely adore this version, especially in combination with my white vest. I wore this particular version on tuesday morning to the Te Deum in the Cathedral of Antwerp for our national holiday. The Royal Family was present, so this dress is definatly suited for more formal wear.

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