Monday, January 18, 2016

Looking back to the past

Do you know the feeling when you're thinking about something and it finally hits you? Well, that's the feeling I experienced today. Normally I'm not really one to dwell in the past, I'm more the kind of person that lives in the present but is longingly looking at the future. So it doesn't hurt to keep two feet on this planet and look back to the past to see what you've accomplished. To really realize it, not just know it. There is a difference. It's like that I know that my sewing skills have improved, but it wasn't until just know that I did realize it.

There is this Facebookgroup called We Sew Retro Sew & Tell, by the founders of We Sew Retro. The vision is a simple one: post your own Vintage and Retro (inspired) makes and people will comment on them. People also frequently ask questions to expand their knowledge. This time someone wanted to know why people draft there own patterns because she wanted to learn how to do it. I immediately thought of my wool winter skirt from last month. But then it hit me. 

I was telling myself a lie. Because when I first started to sew, I made a selfdrafted A-line skirt. Even better, I wrote a tuturial on how you could make one yourself. At the time, I was very pleased and proud that I drafted my very own pattern and I wore the skirt to bits. But today I can see the mistakes I made, not only in sewing, but also in drafting. The zipper was all wrong, the skirt didn't fit and kept crawling up. For a beginner however it was a really good starting point. Throughout the years and years of adapting printed patterns to my own measurements, I began to know how a pattern worked, what it meant if I tweaked this or that, ... Adapting a pattern is as much creating one as drafting a pattern. I would say drafting is the difficult part, but as I read the comments of people who draft and adapt their patterns, I came to realize that perhaps drafting is the easier part. It just depends on what you know, what you're comfortable with and whether you've done it before.

But back to where this is all about: below you'll find a picture of the A-line skirt from August 2010 and one from December 2015. (Gee, has it really been 5 years already? Time flies when you're having fun!).

A simple and beautiful A-line Skirt (only Dutch, never translated it)

A wool winterskirt

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