Monday, January 25, 2016

Vintage Pledge 2016
It's back! #VintagePledge 2016 is a fact. I first encountered this challenge last year. The idea is simple: you set a goal for yourself and have the entire year to live up to it.
Last year I set my goal at making 3 vintage-/reproduction patterns or vintage inspired patterns. I barely was able to finish it! My initial goal, however, was to only make vintage or repro patterns. But throughout the year I adjusted it. So this year I got my gameplan better adjusted to what is possible and I feel better prepared for this challenge. Even better: I already started this challenge. My goal for 2016: 
My goal for 2016 is to make at least 3 different pieces of clothing out of 3 different vintage- or reproduction patterns.
This means that if a pattern includes a pant as well as a blouse, this only counts as one. However, if I use one pattern for a blouse and another for pants, this counts as two.
How about you guys? Want to join this challenge? Then go and have a quick look at A Stitching Odyssey! Share your projects on Social Media with #VintagePledge!

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