Monday, April 4, 2016

Printed Pattern #9005: The Skirt

A skirt, but not just any skirt: a real vintage skirt! In December last year I copied the original pattern onto paper tissue. You know, to preserve the original. In January I cut it out, but then it struck me. Doubt! Could I this? You read all around the internet that Vintage Patterns are soooo different from modern ones in sizing etc. Did I chose the right size?

So instead of just doing it and starting this new and exciting adventure, there it was, simply lying around until I was ready. In the meantime I tackled another new-to-me project: curtains! I made some for the kitchen and living room, but never blogged about it. Curious? Read all about it on Facebook.
Last week it started to itch again. I was really curious about my very first Vintage Pattern and wanted to know if it really was that different. When copying the pattern in December, I discarded the seam allowences, but I still had about 10-12cm (4-5") of extra room. After asking around, I found out that it was pretty normal for the 50's-60's. So when I first fit the skirt, I was actually pleasantly surprised. The outline was not too bad and the sizing around the hips was spot on. However, the waist was still too big. I took it in by 1,5cm (5/8") on either side (so 6cm, 2 3/8" in total), tapering down to 0 at the hips.

The skirt also has a pleat at the back, though I don't really know what it's for. The instructions tell you to sew it close like you would a normal seam until a few Cm's from the hemline. I couldn't quite figure out what they wanted me to do with it, so I just left it like that, slit the pleat and made a nice split out of it. I took out the pleat in the pattern and simply added a modern split so I would still be able to walk comfortably.

They say that back in the day, people were smaller. To be honest, you wouldn't have guessed it when you looked at the length of the skirt. I had to omit 16cm (6 3/8"). Otherwise it would fall below mid-calf instead of just below the knee. Mid-calf doesn't really suit me either, I'm too petite.
And last but not least: the zipper. According to this pattern, I had to put it on the side. After doing so in this version, I came to dislike it. It looked funny when I wore it, like I'd got a deformed hip or something, whilst the other looked perfectly fine. I ironed it several times, but it just wouldt help. So next time, I'll put the zip in at the back instead of at the side.
The Verdict
A really nice basic skirt with a few alterations. In my opinion not too many, fortunately. Next time though, Ill be taking out another cm (so 4 for the entire skirt, which brings the total of omitted wiggle room to 10cm (=4")).
Next up is the blouse for this pattern. By now I was able to sew it up, so the next post won't be long. Curious? You can find some Sneak Peaks at Instagram and Facebook!

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