Saturday, May 21, 2016

Finished Project: Red Pencil Skirt

After attempting my first vintage pattern - the skirt in particular - several people on Facebook advised me to make my own pattern. Not only would I be able to make a perfect fit, I could also easily use this as a block pattern. The one tutorial that most people referred to, was the one from So Sew Easy.  Lo and behold my stunning results!

Back View - Look at that perfect little zipper!
I really like the tutorial from So Sew Easy, but the most feature I liked the most (and helped me the most) was without a doubt the excel file with calculations. You just pop your measurements in and voilĂ ! You don't have to do the math anymore. But keep in mind that you still need to add your preferred seam allowance.

Detailed zipper view
For my version I originally planned to add a "beleg", but when examining the fabric, I thought it to be a little too see-through without a bit of lining. Off course I didn't take a full lining into account when I bought the fabric, so I had to be a little creative. The end result is something of a semi-lining: it's long enough to cover anything that needs to be covered, but isn't a full lining.

Side View
My creative lining-solution

I really, really like this skirt and hope that there will be a lot more hot and warm days so I can wear this to work!

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