Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Gathering Summer Dress

Butterick 5520 is now officially a Tried-And-True (TNT) pattern! After I made the first version early 2014 and the second one late 2014, I was inspired to make a third one a few weeks ago. All because of a lady I got to meet at the fabric store. We bought the same fabric and got talking 'bout sewing, fabric and stuff.

We decided to meet up again and that day was yesterday. I brought my fabric and pattern with me and we both made Butterick's 5520. It's always nice to meet people who like the same things as you do. Before we knew it, our time was up and the dresses were finished.

Now, about the pattern itself, I don't have a lot to say. It's a pattern that I altered a few years ago: -3 cm's at the top to get the waist to hit just right and I also shortened the skirt a bit so it would hit above knee.  The only thing I changed to this version, is omitting the zipper. The fabric had a lot of stretch, so adding a zipper simply wasn't necessary. As always I'm very pleased with this dress and can't wait for the weather to turn around!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

MMMay16: Final Overview

Me Made May 2016 is finished. Before I started this challenge, I thought that it wouldn't be too difficult for me to uphold to my promise. But I have to admit, there have been days that I wished it to be over. Not because I didn't want to wear something handmade, but because I wanted to wear something else. I came to appreciate my wardrobe even more. There are even some pieces that I have missed wearing! Not only that, some handmade pieces that I didn't really wore anymore got their attention.
One of the things I did, is donate some handmade stuff that got shuffed in the back and resurficed whit this challenged. For some pieces I realised why I didn't wear it anymore, so those are the ones that I donated. This way all my hard work wasn't for naught ànd somebody else gets to enjoy my handywork.
I would definitly participate again, next year, without missing the first few days and hopefully without becoming ill so that I can wear something MeMade every day of the month!
May 30, 2016: I have worn my Sassy Librarian Blouses a lot, this month and so today I got to wear the pink one again

May 31, 2016: I decided to end this MMMay16 challenge with  one of my favorite and more 'chic' dresses. Keep your eyes on the blog, because I'm using the pattern again this weekend to make version #3!