Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Birthday!

Or at least it was my birthday yesterday. Last weekend I cooked up a plan to make this dress from scratch by Thursday. No doubt I felt inspired by the all the dresses people made and shared on social media for Thanksgiving. Out here, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I've been told that it's on the fourth Thursday on November.

I used Vintage McCall's 5893 for this dress. I already made the major changes last summer since I was originally planning on making it a late summer dress. The fabric hasn't been long in my stash: I bought it specifically with this dress in mind, something I rarely do. The finished dress is a bit too big, something that really bumped me, but nothing that wasn't solvable by a cleverly placed wide belt. The belt also covers the waistline that falls a bit too low. Well, that's my own fault for not making a proper muslin, but only a few on the bodice. At first, I didn't really liked the dress after I had finished it because of these 'mistakes'. It wasn't as flowy as I imagined and to loose around the waist. None the less: I have worn it 2 days straight, so I actually do really like it, a big part of that is on the fabric!

All the visible seams were finished with a French Seam. Because the outer fabric is really see through, this made for the nicest finish of the dress. The sleeves are finished with biaisbinding instead of facings as the pattern required. Yet again because of the sheerness of the fabric the original finishing didn't sound as a good idea. The bodice is interlined and the skirt is lined so the white fabric with golden dots can draw in all the attention.

The skirt on this pattern was originally a 3/4th skirt made of 5 panel pieces. Because the front of de envelope talks of a full skirt, I wrongfully assumed it would be a circle skirt or more. It really bummed me out because in my mind I had this nice, full and flowy dress in mind. With my petticoat underneath, it looked more like a hooped skirt and that was NOT a sight I wanted to see. Fortunatly I still had enough fabric left to make a circle skirt out of it. The original skirt won't be going to waist: this will become a nice spring/summer skirt as soon as I attache a waistband to it.

Oh and yes, this is my second make for my Vintage Pledge 2016. N° 3 is already on it's way: the muslin is already cut and ready to be sewn together.

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