Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Akita Blouse #2

After I made Seamwork's Akita Blouse over a year ago, I knew I would make another version of it. It's just so simple and easy to make. Perfect for a quick and satisfying project.

Even though I said that I needed to define the waist next time, I didn't to it this time. I just like how this looks when tucked in a skirt or highwaisted trousers, so I didn't bother with that adjustment. The only thing I struggled with this time, was the biais I used for finishing the neckline. The color matched perfectly, but I should've gone for a smaller size. That way, the neckline would've been easier to sew, causing me less fidgeting and some words I shall not repeat.

Just like before: I love it and will make it again, when one of these two needs replacement.

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