Friday, September 29, 2017

The Chai Dress v1: Wearable Muslin

I really had the hang in sewing dresses, this summer. After the Cyan Cocktail Dress, the Laneway Dress V1 and V2 and the second Tiki-dress (a complete replica of this one), I decided I needed another one. Shirt dresses had been popping up in my sewing feeds, but I never had the courage to sew one up. Not because I'm afraid of the buttonholes or the other shirt-features, but because I wasn't sure it would suit me. And then suddenly I received an e-mail from Itch-To-Stitch announcing their newest pattern: the Chai Shirt and Dress.

I immediately fell for it and wanted to try and make my own. So I put my other sewing plans on hold (soon to be blogged) and sewed this baby up in about 3 evenings, of which the last evening was spend sewing the buttons on! All I can say is that I'm very pleased with this pattern and am planning to make more, perhaps even a winter version. Such a quick sewing project with stunning results. My husband also loves this one because it's something I don't usually wear.

As far as changes go: this pattern comes with different bust sizes, so I didn't have to do an FBA. According to the sizing, I had to go with bust C and size 8. Then I did my regular alterations: -1cm (- 3/8 inch) on the front piece, - 1 cm (- 3/8 inch) at the side of the back piece 'till -2,5 cm (-1 inch) at the center back of the back piece. I didn't alter anything else for this round.

Overall, this came out very nice and was an easy sew. For the next one, I would shorten the skirt with 5 cm (2 inches), just so it's a bit more flattering on my posture. And then there is the waist of which I'm not sure. I think it needs another -1 cm ( - 3/8 inch) to hit my natural waist. But that waist is right at the bottom of the waistband. Because of the narrow space on the waistband, I don't think I'll be able to take 1 cm (3/8 inch) from it. Taking it from the top isn't an option either: I already altered it and any more alteratoins would make the seam fall on my bust instead of underneath it.  So I'm not sure if I should shorten the waistband or not.

How do you guys like my different colored buttons? It was more out of necessity than fashion, but I quite like how this looks. But those buttons sure did come at a price. I stabbed myself at least 4 times! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably read all about it! Check it out here on Facebook and here on Instagram!

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