Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Remembering WW1

In august my husband and I went to different memorials of the Great War in Belgium. I took a myriad of photographs whilst visiting gravesides, battlefields and museums. I made a little selection to give you an impression of our trip.

Note: all photographs are of my own creation and may not be used by anyone else without my explicit concent.

Start of our trip

Statue in memory of King Albert I. During the war in 1914-1918 he joined his forces on the battlefield.

At the statue of King Albert I there's a monument for his wife Queen Elisabeth too. She joined the field hospitals and tended the wounded.

Massgraves at Vladslo - Belgium

Mourning Elder Couple at Vladslo, Belgium

View from the Iron Tower at Diksmuide, Belgium.

View on the Iron Tower, with the AVV - VVK monument through the Peace gate.

The 'Dodengang' (Backlash?) at Diksmuide, Belgium

The 'Dodengang' (Backlash?) at Diksmuide, Belgium

The 'Dodengang' (Backlash?) at Diksmuide, Belgium

Replica of a shooting trench at the museam of Passchendaele, Zonnebeke, Belgium

Replica of an A-framed trench at the museum of Passchendaele, Zonnebeke, Belgium

View on a trench at the museum of Passhendaele, Zonnebeke, Belgium

Unique view of a preserved British dug-out underneath the Church of Zonnebeke. It's accessible for 100 days until they'll let it flood again in october/november 2017.

Australian memorial and graveside.

View on Australian graveside.

Bayernwald, Wijtschate, Belgium

Bayernwald, Wijtschate, Belgium. View on a German fortified bunker

Belfort of Ypres

View on Ypres and the once battlefields from the Belfort of Ypres

New Church of Ypres with remnants of the original Church.

New Church of Ypres, build with and on the ruins of the original Church

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