Monday, March 26, 2018

The Blue Winter Dress

Back in December/January - when it was getting really cold - I got an idea for a winter dress. Before too long, I'd found myself in the fabric shop and found the perfect fabric for the project that I had in mind. I wanted a simple dress with a vintage flair and poofy skirt without all the petticoats and circle skirts. In short: a classic dress that I could wear to work and still be in the 50's style that I like so much.

So I started with a sketch that I shared on FB here. Don't look at my marvelous sketching abilities, I sew, I don't draw :-P   At first I wanted to merge Jennifer Lauren's Laneway Dress with Butterick 5520 for the raglan sleeves and then add a boatneck and pleats to it. I cut out, merged and adapted the pattern pieces back in january and made the first muslin. The skirt with the added pleats was a big hit, but the top an absolute fail. It just didn't fit. Disappointed I sat the project aside and decided to come back to it when I felt like it.

I didn't touch it in february, but when I was looking for a pattern for a wedding dress, I came across the bonus pattern for the Laneway Dress. Jennifer Lauren just new that one day we would need a classic neckline and provided it for us! Thinking back on it, it was an easy adaption, bt I was so set on the raglan sleeves and boatneck that at the time, I just didn't consider a classic neckline. I wanted those raglan sleeves because I was afraid a regular sleeve wouldn't work with this thick fabric.

Look at that perfectly aligned zipper!

As for the adaptions of this dress:
  • I first added pleats to the skirt by cutting the front skirt pattern apart at the dart-placement on the bodice. This way, the darts and pleats would line up beautifully. I added 10 cm (5") that I pleated to the side of the dress when sewn. I left the back untouched because I didn't want to have too much poofiness.
  • Because I hadn't made the bonus pattern with the classic neckline yet, I had to adapt the front bodice pattern as I did the original pattern: I shortened the back with 1 inch (2,5cm) - as usual - and I shortened the waist with 7/8 inch (2cm) I also shortened the shoulders with 3/8 inch (1cm). 
And that's really all that was to it. The fabric does everything else: it's sturdy with not a lot of drape to it, so it holds it form naturally.

Love the pleat-galore!

I'm really in love with this dress. Even though the really cold days should be over, I'm glad I made this dress. As I'm writing this, it's snowing outside, in the middle of march, while a few days ago it was still 15°C! I know what I'm going to wear to work this week! And who knows, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you already saw me wearing this dress!

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