Monday, April 23, 2018

A simple Alma Blouse

While I was at it (the sewing spree, that is. Read here and here), I decided that I needed a blouse to go with the skirt I just made. So the very next day I dived into my pattern library and dug up the Alma Blouse from Sewaholic.

Because I made this one a couple of years ago several times, I didn't alter anything else than what I did back then. I knew this was going to be a flattering wardrobe staple. Sewaholic's patterns usually are. Although it has been a while since I last made one (been to busy with vintage sewing patterns and the likes), it was a walk in the park. Quick and easy put together, great fit, easy to follow instructions, ...

So yeah. Just a plain and simple blouse. I opted to leave the Peter Pan colar off - even though I loved it in the past. At first because I couldn't find the exact white that I wanted for the colar and later because I wanted a quick fix :-) This pattern is one of my TNT-patterns (= Tried-and-True), so I'm bound to make another one in the future.

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