Monday, March 12, 2012

Making a cellphone cover

A few months ago I made my other half a brandnew cellphone cover. It's really not that much work, you just have to get the steps. My advice is that you first read all the steps and then afterwards start sewing. Basically, what you normally would do when you're about to sew something.

What you'll need:
- Outer fabric
- Lining
- Fusible Interfacing
- Batting
- Tracing Paper
- Velcro or closure snap


First of all, we take some measurements. You have to know the length, width and heighth of your phone. In my case that's 10cm, 5cm and 1,5cm. Add 1cm to the width and 0,5cm to the heighth. You don't need to add any extra to the length. So that'll give you a 10cm length, 6cm width and 2cm heighth. Now that we have our measurements, we can begin drawing our paper pattern.

Red lines: Length
Pink lines: Length of your phone
Yellow lines: Heighth of your phone
White lines: Width of your phone
Green lines: Half the heighth of your phone


Cut your fabrics. Don't forget to add a 1cm-selvage! Then cut the fusible interfacing, without a selvage. Afterwards you iron the Vlieseline on to your outer fabric and lining.
TIP: If your outer fabric is a sturdy fabric, you don't have to put the batter in, but you could. The batter helps to protect your phone a bit more. If you use a lightweight fabric, I would use some batting.

From left to right:
- Pattern
- Lining
- Batting
- Outer Fabric

The fusible interfacing has already been ironed onto the outer fabric and lining.


If you're using batting, handsew it to the outer fabric. Make sure to use loose stitches. You'll be removing those stitches later in the process.


Sew your choice of fastener to the outer fabric and lining. Make sure that the closures match on each side! In the picture below you can see that I attached the soft side of the Velcro at the top of the lining. Attached to the bottom of the outer fabric is the other side of the Velcro.


Take your outer fabric and fold the good sides together. Make sure that you line up the sides as shown in the picture. Sew the seams at the sides. Take your lining fabric and do the same, except for 1 thing: you'll want to leave a 8cm-hole on one side of the fabric. You'll need this hole to pull your cover to the right side. Afterwards, we'll handstitch it close. It is possible that you only need to sew 1cm before leaving the gap, it all depends on the size of your phone.


Bring the bottom of the sewn fabric to the side. This way, you create a little triangle. Sew along your filling. This little triangle will give the finished product a nice finish to the bottom. Clip the corners.
Do this on both sides of the outer fabric and both sides of the lining fabric.


Turn your outer fabric with the good side on the outside and your lining fabric with the good side on the inside. Then put the outer fabric in the lining fabric, good sides together. Make sure that you line the fabrics nicely together. Stitch along the upper sides to attach the two fabrics together. You only want to sew the top of the fabric, because you've already sewn the rest of it.


Pull the outer fabric thru the hole of the lining fabric. Push the corners out. Handstitch the hole in your lining fabric. Handstitching will give you the best results, but you can also sew it with your sewingmachine. This is faster, but won't give you the same neat look as hand stitching it.


Push the lining back into the outer fabric. Iron it a bit et voila!  Your very own handmade cellphone cover is ready!

PS: If there's anything that I didn't explain clearly enough, please contact me and I'll guide you thru it!

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