Friday, April 6, 2012

The Block Pattern

Madalynne wrote a very clear tutorial on how to make your very own block - also called a sloper. Using your block, you can alter EVERY pattern you will ever sew! It's the basic pattern every seamstress needs. You don't need to check your pattern every 5 minutes or so or call someone with sewing experience to help you get the fit right. A mannequin is a very, very useful tool, but it'll only get you this far. It hasn't got any arms or legs and the fit is never exactly like your own body. Whenever you want to make a tight jeans or a fitted blouse, you need the help of a second person (with sewingskills) to help you.

Luckily, they came up with the block. From now on, making a fitted piece of clothing won't ever be a problem! Just take your block and your pattern and match those to! Wether it's a skirt, shorts, pants, dress, blouse, ... you'll see that it'll fit you right away! Now, how do you make such a block? Well, just follow these steps below!

Be careful though to read the instructions very carefully. Make sure that you read them one by one, proces them one by one. This way you won't get overwhelmed by how difficult it looks. 'Cause really, it's not as difficult as it looks. It will take some time to make it, but it's all worth it!

The Block Pattern - The beginning
The Block Pattern - Part 2
The Block Pattern - Part 3
The Block Pattern - Sleeves

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