Thursday, May 10, 2012

Clever Links: May 10, 2012

Oh my, you just wouldn't believe all the interesting links I want to show you! I think I would need more than a lifetime! Ok, perhaps that's a bit over the top, but you'll get the picture. Today, I've got a very fine selection ready to show you!

A few months back, I decided I wanted to make a Jersey T-shirt/sweater/... This week, I finally purchased a long-desired pattern (more on this later). Some sniffing around on the world wide web provided me with some usefull tutorials and tips. One of them is from Carolyn's blog. She shows you how you can re-ensure the shoulderseams. That way your garment won't stretch or - eventually - rip at those vulnarable seams. Be sure to check out her post.

Gertie from Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing hosts tons of useful tips and tricks. One of them is her latest post about patterns. She talks you through pattern ease: sometimes when you follow the directions of the pattern, use the size it says you have to use, you still end up with an enormous garment! Why is that? Perhaps you already figured it out yourself: pattern ease. Hop over to Gertie's blog to learn how you can prevent this!

I hope these links were helpful for you! I've got a bunch of others lined up for next time!

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